Indian citizen wanted to marry Iranian girl

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Originally Posted by kasinath4b3 View Post she is telling that according to iranian rule.. a boy has to be a muslim to marry her.. if she marry me ( hindu boy) she cant go back to iran to meet their family even once.. so she is advising me its better u convert into a muslim and marry me... i even agreed to it.. but my question is
1. I would like to know how i have to marry her ? first i need to convert into muslim ? and then marry her... i would like to know what is the procedure for marrying a foreign lady..?
2. when she will become a indian citizen ? with out extending visa.
3. how many days it gonna take to complete all the procedure?
4.if i convert to muslim . do i need to change the name in my passport? if it is .. what's the procedure?
please let me know all the procedure to marry her..
Originally Posted by nycank View Post But, if you are marrying in India, do so under Special Marriage Act, and none other!

Of course, she can go back to Iran and meet her family. Maybe she is observant and religious and does not want to deviate. !
Originally Posted by kasinath4b3 View Post yeah. we will stay at India after we get married.. after some years.. when her parents wanted to meet us ..we need to go back to iran right?
Originally Posted by nycank View Post Has no choice ! India or .....Caribbean Not Iran
Originally Posted by aarosh View Post So if he has to marry in India, then there is no need for him to convert to Islam.
Listen to her and marry her in a shia msulim tradition if you love her so much. You can not marry an Iranian muslim in Iran without becoming a SHIA muslim. Period. If her father objects then your marriage may not even take place in Iran. Welcome to the Islamic world folks. You dont have to change your name after your conversion. Guess what, Iranian women keep their last name after the marriage. They will not adopt husbands last name post-wedding, they indeed are progressive in this regard.

All muslim Iranians are forbidden from marrying non muslims. All Iranian muslims are forbidden from converting out of Islam. OP has no choice but to change his faith. By the way it is a very easy process, A cleric can covert you and marry you off in one sitting, all done in 15 to 20 minutes. Her parents must be there witnessing the event though and signing the papers. Mind you a muslim marriage certificate is a contract in its structure. You will have to write a number in the Riyal column as to the compensation you will pay her (mehar) should you decide to divorce her in future.

Marry her according to shia muslim tradition and OFFICIALLY continue to live as a muslim. It is a different matter how you both lead your personal lives. Majority Iranians are not religious, they are like anybody else fun loving materialists. No, they don’t even pray regularly. Their Friday sermons are live telecast from Tehran, a bunch of political drivel talking about anything but religion or spirituality, a mass brainwash session, if you will. Most religious men simply put are fanatic and hatemongering politicians.

Marriage will not be registered and instead woman will be stoned to death for illegitimate cohabitation if not performed by an akkund (shia muslim cleric).

Even if OP marries her in India, the Iranian govt. will not recognize the Indian marriage registration unless it is performed by an indian shia cleric.

If she marries and stays back in India her Iranian passport will not be renewed by Iranian consulate if she declares her marriage to a non-muslim. She will turn stateless. They will get to know her marital status because they can see the dependent visa stamp on her passport. Indian law does not permit granting citizenship to nationals of Iran alongside Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. She can obtain OCI as a spouse of an Indian citizen nevertheless.Indian govt. therefore will not give her a passport. How can she travel without a passport?

He can not get Iranian citizenship either. Only foreign women who marry Iranian men will bee eligible to get citizenship there. The other way around is not legally possible. Muslim world it is to the core for you all to see. I think men spouses can stay as permanent residents and that’s about it.

In conclusion, if father refuses to give his blessings, bring her to India, get married by a shia cleric, get it registered, go to Iranian consulate and apply for a visa. Plenty of info will be offered by any shia cleric in your place. Start knocking the doors of mosques and field your questions there. If you talk about conversion, the cleric will be very friendly to you.There are many Iranians who have married indians and are living/traveling in/to both the countries. Don't get intimidated, it is not as arduous as it seems at first glance, you are no exception in this ordeal.
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Hi Kasinath,
I married an Iranian 7 years back. I converted to Islam for the very reasons you mentioned, mainly because when we travel to Iran it's easier. We have traveled to Iran since without any problems.

You would need to convert at a Shia mosque. After that register your marriage in India & later register your marriage in the Iran consulate. You can initially apply for X visa for her & on getting that apply for the permanent OCI card.

All the best.

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