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Quetzal Apr 26th, 2010 09:57

Experiences with check of marriage certificate by German embassy
The German embassy does not acknowledge the Indian marriage certificate but want to check everything asking for a 12.000 rupees fee for the procedure which takes about 2 month. I am basically wondering what and how they check. We married without Indian passport and date of birth/birth certificate. Just an age was given as nobody knows date of birth. My husband is 51 now - I wonder if I check for date of birth first because the German embassy will definetely ask for it. Birth certificate and Pan-card are just made without proof here, so you can take any date you want. But I wonder where I could crosscheck if maybe anywhere a record of date of birth exists. The hospital is still there, the school he went to closed. I just would like to figure out what the embassy would do!

nayan Apr 26th, 2010 11:58

As far as I know(and this is a new requirement for work permit for germany) -

1. For the marraige certificate verification you have to send wedding invitation cards(at least 7-8 copies)from both sides and a good number of wedding pics.

2. the proof of date of birth(usually the class 10 certificate/marksheet) is a separate requirement - not connected to the marriage certificate verification process.

What visa are you/spouse applying for?

Quetzal Apr 27th, 2010 12:53

This sounds too easy for the German Embassy. Is this supposed to be for a marriage verification between a German national and an Indian?
Invitation cards we do not have as this was a court marriage- no party involved which might still take place some time later.
Are you German yourself?
I am prepared for a hell of problems because I did not apply for the non-objection certificate of the German embassy ( which requires at least Indian passpert and birth certificate for the husband ) but found a way avoiding handing in at the Indian court and it could well happen that they declare the marriage for unvalid though it is a legal Indian marriage!
For the moment he is not applying for any visa but as everything is so time consuming and am in doubt if the verification will succeed I might as well go ahead with it.
I wonder if it is easing the process if we try to get the Indian passport first because otherwise they do not even believe me that he is Indian!
Did you manage to get the verification of the marriage certificate?

nayan Apr 27th, 2010 13:37

Sorry, I have no idea of what happens in case of an Indo-german marriage :)

both me and hubby are Indian.

The marriage certificate verification thing is there for getting german work permit for Indians. That is how I know about it :) .

In India, even for a registered marriage(like mine was), it is usual to have invitation cards and lots of wedding and reception pics. These are used later in many cases as supporting evidence for the marriage to get Visa(ex - you want to accompany your spouse, who is on work permit, as his dependant).

Sorry, not much help to you.

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