Does marriage certificate have to be notarized to get x/entry visa and how to do it?
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Does marriage certificate have to be notarized to get x/entry visa and how to do it?

Hello, I posted here before about my marriage to an Indian and getting the x visa. I have now managed to complete the marriage registration.After investigating a lot we came to the conclusion that the easiest way to get the x visa would be to try in Bangkok.We were all set to book the flight, when someone told us that we have to get our marriage certificate stamped by ministry of external affairs in Dehli.But someone else is saying that its possible with a Home Department. I am in Kerala so I dont want to go to Delhi if at all possible. We contacted an agency here who said it could be done for 6000 rupees but it would take 40 days.
I don't understand why this process is necessary as the marriage certificate is from an official registry office. Does anyone who has applied for the x visa know if this notarization is really necessary and if so how to get it done as easily and quickly as possible!!

Many thanks and I promise to post my experiences when I have finally got the visa!!

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the marriage certificate is from an official registry office.
Quite! I don't understand it either!

My Indian marriage certificate, even though it is just a rater scruffy, hand-typed thing, has been accepted for my X-visa application in London, for my PIO-card application in Chennai, and even by the British visa authorities for my wife's UK-visit visas.

I can understand why some sort of authentication might be required by a foreign authority (in our case it was not) but I don't see any reason for any problem giving an Indian certificate to an Indian authority.
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I'm curious - did you choose Bangkok because it's in your home country?

I'll hopefully be in the same boat as you with the need for an X visa shortly and am not exactly burning to come all the way back to the US to get it. I was thinking that going to a third-party country may be quicker and could be coupled with a honeymoon [major hint to the SO on that one!].
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Hello,thank you Nick for the reply.I called the British visa department and asked them if I would need any other stamp on the marriage certificate to take my husband to England with a family visa and they said no, it was a goverment authorised paper so it was acceptable. So like you say - if it's good enough for the British embassy why wouldn't be for an Indian one??? maybe it's only for temple weddings it's needed?
I think we're just going to get my name put in my husbands passport which is apparently easy, and go there but I am still worrying a little why more than one person has told me about this attestation thing.

To answer the other question, I chose Thailand because I have had two reports on this forum of people getting it done easily there. So it seems like a good bet. I haven't heard anyone getting it in Sri Lanka which would be easier for me to go to but no idea if it's possible. And my friend asked for me in Nepal recently and they said they don't issue x visas to non Nepali residents/nationals- that doesn't mean it's definately impossible but that is what she was told. I have heard that the embassy in malaysia is good but my husband has to get a visa to go there.

Then I have tried endlessly to call FRRO and MHA in Delhi and they never answer the phone. And so far I have no clear report if it's possible there and how long it would take. so thailand has come out as the safest gamble so to speak.
I will post my experiences on this forum after going to Bangkok - that will be in about 3-4 weeks time.

best wishes to all.
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I got mine in SIngapore in about 5 days in 2008. My marriage certificate was a copy that had been emailed to me not even an original.
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opps Sorry it was 2007!
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Thanks for the info!

Melinderry - an update would be greatly appreciated.

If Singapore is also a potential option - I guess I should do a little research on what we could do there too travel-wise...
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hello - thanks for the reply about Singapore - can I ask - are you a Singapore national or are you another nationality who applied in that embassy - it would be great to know - many thanks again!!
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I am an American that applied there. I did have all my paperwork in place before goin---copy of marriage certificate, husband's passport and visa and a copy of his FFRO papers.
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I checked the Indian embassy website for Singapore - they say that non residents of Singapore won't be dealt with in that embassy and should apply in their home country - so I don't know if that's a change of law since you applied or if they do in fact deal with people but just say that...anyway I will stick to Thailand unless anyone has any better advice and I will update as I make progress...

Thanks to everyone for all the help given!!
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You might think of getting an apostille stamp for the wedding certificate, as it adds some certainty to the document when it's used outside India. We got ours done in Delhi as part of the process for my wife's US visa. I don't believe it was explicitly required, but some of the other folks in the line had been sent there by the US Embassy.

We dropped off the certificate in the morning and picked it up later that afternoon.
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I think Singapore also told me that I needed to go home but I stated that it was too expensive to travel to the US to have it done and they did process it for me but better to not take the chance.
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For my x visa I had to get an apostille stamp on the marriage certificate. It took around 3 weeks to do it. It is not an official requirement as far as I know, just one of the many things they might ask for.
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thanks for the message. can I ask where you got the x visa from when they asked you for that? In India or some other embassy? I emailed the bangkok embassy VFS and they told me that just the marriage certificate is enough but like we all know these things can depend on who you get on the day.... they said that they would like to see my house registration in India.... I don't own any property there. I wrote back to say that and they said that my husbands house registration will be OK.
At the moment I have been promised an extension to my tourist visa from the FRO locally but I'm waiting to see how long they give me. If I get long enough to do the stamp thing we'll do it, otherwise it'll just be a case of pray and go!!!
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My situation was as follows:

I got married in India (registration) when I was here on a tourist visa. Went back to the Indian embassy in Netherlands, my home country, to apply for a PIO card. Had called them and emailed them and got confirmed that the marriage certificate was sufficient. Went there in person and then was told that an apostille stamp was needed plus a letter from my husband that he did not have any objection (this was still for the PIO card). Since I was in NL and had to send it to India, it took 3 weeks to get the apostille stamp done. With that I went back to the embassy where I was given another reason why they could not give me a PIO card and I was advised to apply for an x visa for which I needed the same documents. That was done in 1 day.

I was not asked for any proof of address like you. It really depends on whom you meet.

Getting the apostille stamp can be a bit difficult because you need 2 stamps. One from the home ministry in your state (in our case this was Bangalore) and one from Delhi. We got it done thru an agency. I don't remember how much we paid but it was cheaper than flying up and down to Delhi ourselves.