Adding spouse name in passport
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Adding spouse name in passport


I have got married 1 years back and my wife have requsted passport parallelly.She have got the passport a month after marriage.Now below are my queries,

01)if my wife's passport spouse name is added with my name(husband) would be sufficient for her travel abroad?

02)Basically we are from different states,would it be problem?

03)For adding the spouse name in her passport at her place,what are the documents needed? Do I need to physically present? I am currntly abroad and trying to bring her there.We have marriage certificate with us.

04)How long time take to add spouse name in her passprt?

Your quick response will be really helpful for us.


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1. Not necessary or required condition to travel abroad.

2. No body cares.

3. Not a requirement to be added to the passport. If your spouse is coming on a cohort visa, then the marriage certificate (certified/notarized/apostiled) is the main document.

4. Dunno ???
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1. Not necessary or required condition to travel abroad.

Two people travelling (whether alone, or together) just need valid passports, ECNR, visas, etc. Their relationship doesn't even matter!

I don't know why spouse-name is a field in Indian passports. Different countries have different formats. My UK passport does not even have space for home address! It may be that it was thought of as some kind of emergency-contact provision, but I am just guessing.

In certain circumstances (eg visa application, if one party is a foreign citizen, and the couple wish to settle in that country*) it can be useful secondary evidence of the actual marriage. As far as getting on a plane is concerned, it is of no consequence at all.

When your passports expire... add the spouse names in the new ones. Until then, save yourselves the unnecessary hassle and expense of dealing with the passport office :)

*or for the foreign spouse settling in India, come to think of it.
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well, how long does it take to get Spouse's name added in the passport? and is it better if we make the application online?
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It would be taking same amount of time that takes in issuing a renewed passport, as it would be required to issue a new passport with the name incorporated in it.
You will be completing the form online then take print-out of the same and deposit it to the RPO on the allotted date (which is to be taken online!).

The whole process, as suggested by Nick, could be left untouched till the time passport expires. You may get all the information entered at that time.

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