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Peterjones Aug 7th, 2016 22:02

Crossed today from Nagaland into Mao (Manipur)
Driver ('known to police', but in a good way) passed through without stopping.

After failing to hitch a road further down road I returned to police post which was a hub of international intrigue (not, I think they were playing cards). Half an hour later (never mind) a senior officer arrived and invited me up to where the men were playing volleyball, to sign in and get a Disneyland stamp in my passport. Usual Indian love of paperwork. Didn't seem to be necessary or enforced, including no second form at hotel, unlike in Nagaland. But I indulged him. Felt more like he was collecting autographs.

Army in area looked serious though. It's not *that* dusty, so do they wear those strange camoflauge square turbans and face veil because they want to be anonymous? Had a very interesting political and history discussion with the passengers of my next ride. Worse than martial law not popular here.

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