Tarkarli - Vengurla - Amboli
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Tarkarli - Vengurla - Amboli


We are keen on visiting some quaint beaches in Konkan during the long week end of new year.
Our plan is as below:

31st December: Start from Pune after office and reach Kolhapur. Spend the night in Kolhapur. Mode of Transport - Bus
1st January: Start for Malvan early in morning. Reach Malvan and visit Sindhudurg. Head to Tarkarli. Enjoy the sea in Tarkarli, late afternoon visit to Devbaug Beach and the confluence of the Karli river and the Sea
2nd January: Visit the Nivati and Bhogwe beaches, dolphin point and then drive to Vengurla, visit the beaches there and drive to Amboli in evening for night halt
3rd January: Spend the day in Amboli and start for Kolhapur after lunch to reach Kolhapur by late afternoon and then take a bus for Pune to reach Pune by late night/ early morning.

We intend to book a car from Kolhapur for the trip to beaches and leave the car at Kolhapur. Is it doable or is it going to be too hectic?
Amboli was not in my initial plan but it seems not much staying options are available in Vengurla yet and Amboli has a good MTDC resort and it's on the way.
Now, I am in two minds, part of it feels to stay in Tarkarli for both the days and return to Kolhapur without visiting Vengurla or Amboli. Probably it would be a more relaxing one. Again, I read trip report where people had started from Tarkarli on a morning and have made it to Kolhapur by evening with a visit to Vengurla, that too seems to be a feasible option.
Please advise!

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Tarkarli deserves both of your days. By including all three destinations you want enjoy any of them.

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Amboli is a very popular destination for the local people around.. So make sure you reserve the MTDC rooms before in advance.
Also, I guess, you can do Vengurla/Amboli in one day after visiting Tarkarli provided you take rest at Amboli/Kolhapur.
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