Review of Prasanna Purple, tour operator from Pune

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At the end of November we (two families from Bangalore and Mangalore totally 2 gents/3 ladies/3 girls/1 boy) decided on a December end vacation to Ajantha/Ellora. Knowing year-end travel rush, first thing I did was to book the Bangalore-Pune-BLR flights for 25th/28th giving us roughly 3.5 days. On 28th our return flight was at 4pm to Bangalore.

Following a friend's recommendation, we decided to go with Prasanna Purple tour operator from Pune ( A look at this companys website will raise your expectation about professional service, quality, and timeliness. And looks can be deceiving ! On 8th December I called their number in Pune and I was handed off to one Mr.Sanjay Naik, the trip planning guy. Looking at his whatsapp profile photo he looks a very senior person. The initial interaction (through phone/whatsapp/email) was quite nice. Same day Sanjay Naik sent an itinerary (attachment1)

Day 1: Nashik
Day 2: Ellora / Aurangabad
Day 3: Ajantha
Day 4: return to Pune

And quoted Rs.10,500 per person with AC transport and AC delux hotel rooms. However we wanted to spend more time at ajantha/ellora and visit shirdi. Therefore we suggested the following itinerary

Day 1 - Shani Signapur/Shirdi (monday)
Day 2 - Ajantha (tuesday)
Day 3 - Ellora (wednesday)
Day 4 - Nashik (thriambakeshwar), proceed to Pune airport

Sanjay Naik quoted Rs.11,300 per person for this itinerary (attachment 2 & 3). We agreed without any negotiation. You see, we were looking for a hassle-free vacation.

On 11th made an advance payment of Rs.10000 and from that point onwards things started going haywire. I had to repeatedly call Sanjay Naik and purple office for a confirmation and receipt. While the advance payment confirmation came on 18th , receipt never did.

Finally just few hours before our flight Sanjay Naik sent me a 'travel voucher' (pdf). This was so shoddy it was unbelievable (attachment4) , First it showed 9 people and then it mentioned some North Goa/ South Goa sight seeing, amount shown was for 9 persons and 5% GST. Voucher had no serial number.

More calls to Sanjay Naik. His main concern was how and when we make the full payment. We made an online payment of Rs.44,920 and told him that remaining 40K will pay in cash at the Pune airport. The pain started right from the Pune airport and the prasanna purple showed their true colors....

Day 1/25th

- At the airport we were met by Mr.Krishna who collected the 40k cash (no receipt) and were introduced to one Vishnu Gaikwad, tour co-ordinator and Vittal the driver. Both of them were to accompany us during the trip.

- the vehicle (11-seater TT) made a loud whining/creaking sound from seats. When complained to Sanjay Naik said TT is a new vehicle and ignored my complaint. Vishnu said he will repair when stopped for breakfast. No reapirs done/noise remained.

- For the breakfast Vishnu purchased one idli/one wada/one tea per person and promptly vanished !! Had to call Sanjay Naik to inform him that we are feeding ourselves...Sanjay asked us to submit the bills !! No explanation for the weird behavior from Vishnu.

- At Shirdi the hotel was Sai Palance, and Purple had booked two AC rooms and two non-ac rooms !!! No explanation for this. Hotel staff gave me the emails from Purple asking the hotel to first book 4 non-ac rooms, and then changing to 2 ac and 2 non-ac rooms.

- Bigger drama started regarding the next day itinerary. Vishuy said they are going to nashik because that is what the company told him. When I called Sanjay he says "we should have confirmed the itinerary modifications in writing". Which is what I had done on the email dated 9th and he had confirmed it !!!! Finally at 2am in the night we are told that they will use the revised itinerary. This decision from Purple upset the Vishnu/Vittala to a great extent and it showed till the last day.

Just think for a momemnt: is this the way to enjoy a vacation ???

Day 2/26th

- We start at 6am from Shirdi to Aurangabad and then to Ajantha. We were promised of a breakfast on the way. We didn't even have the mornng tea because we wanted to reach ajantha asap.

Believe it or not, our breakfast was at 10.30am in a dirty hotel on the way after Aurangabad. When we asked Vishnu why we did not go into city for a decent hotel/breakfast his respone was there will be traffic. But we soon found out.

Vishnu skirted the city because near the army campus, he boarded his wife and daughter into our TT for a free one day vacation. We didn't complain because there were two empty seats at the end, but what really upset us was that from that point onwards his priorities were different !!!

He suggested that we should do aurangabad sight seeing that day itself when we had just reached ajantha at 12pm in the afternoon.

- After the breakfast, we noticed that the TT was just crawling on the road, and when we enquired, the driver shouts "You drive the vehicle.." jumps out of the vehicle and slams the door. More calls to Sanjay Naik..

- But when drove back to aurangabad from ajantha in the evening, there was no problem

Day 3/27th

- Day was mostly uneventful, we had great time at Ellora followed by a visit to Daulathabad fort.

Day 4/28th

- the real horror show started

- we started at 8am from the nashik, wento to thriambakeswar. By 10am we were on our way to Pune airport. We had told Sanjay /Vishnu repeatedly that we had to reach the airport latest by 3pm. Our flight was at 4pm.

- On the way at around 12pm the vittal driver skips the first RTO nakabandi (checkpost) , but he was caught in the second one about 45 minutes later. Both the driver and Vishnu were seen pleading with the RTO inspector and the inspector smiling...

- On the way the traffic was normal, road changing from 4-lanes to 2-lanes few times and as we neared Chakan there were signal stops. Time was already 2.30pm and yet there was no urgency no concern from Vishnu

- You see, when you are running late to the airport, that is the right time to fill diesel to your vehicle. Vishnu and the driver do just that.

They don't put just the needed amount to reach airport, they decide to fill the whole quanity, shaking the vehicle to take more diesel. When we question why, they say it is company policy, they can't do anything.

- It is 3pm , we are in the Bhosari signal on the hiway, we desperately call Sanjay, he takes my phone and shouts at Vishnu and the driver to go by the Alandi road to the airport. Guess what our friends do ??

They start searching for the Alandi road... repeatedly stopping the vehicle and asking the bystanders. Is this believable ?

I don't think there is any suspense left in this drama, we reached the airport at 3.40pm, spicejet manager said sorry, doors are closed.

We came out and called Sanjay. His responese was the icing on the cake "It is not my fault you missed the flight. I know you have to reach Bangalore but that is your problem, because you booked your own flights." Bugger didn't even say good bye, :-)

And we had not eaten anything since the 8am breakfast in Nashik !!

Finally we booked ola cabs, went to the city, booked volvo busses and left to bangalore at 6pm-7pm. Vacations are supposed to be memorable, but when you are in the company of organisation like Prasanna Purple, it is for an entirely different reason.

You really have to be a trusting customer to discover the gross incompetence, purple lies and crass behaviour of their employees.
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That's disgusting. Totally taken for a ride.
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Wow, what a horrible experience!! I am so sorry for all of you. What's worse is that the company came recommended by a friend.
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This is outright horrible..

I guess this need more visibility so that others can save themselves from this torture!

Prassanna was once upon a time a reputed company, having good vehicles and regular and frequent service. But as time progresses, its the name which has stayed on, but the things that should accompany a name to make it a brand has sadly disappeared. I think they are just concerned about the bank balance now and not the customer.
I have had similar experience with a Kerala travel agency, but good experiences with others - both south and elsewhere.
I definitely think that this needs to be put up more extensively on the social media. And also put in a complaint with the grahak panchayat, if you are willing to take it forward.
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