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Pune to Shirdi

Hi Friends,

I will be travelling to Shirdi by air and the nearest airport is Pune.
I will be arriving at Pune around 11am on 4th April . Can you please guide me the bus/ train availability from Pune to Shirdi ?

Thanks a lot,

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I know the bus trip is about 3-4 hours depending on traffic, accidents, and condition of the road. I think you can make bookings on makemytrip. Of course, real men only travel on the rattletrap MST. On a 2 wheeler you can beat that easy! But, that was before I got married and thought that racing was cool (just reviewing Youtube videos of such racing accidents). Should run for better busses say past 200.

I have heard of people getting a car for that trip. That was too rich for me in those halcyon days so can't help. But, it is an option.

Just remembered that in the "olde days" Kopergaon Railway Station was used for Shirdi. You still had some clicks to go to Shirdi from there. An advantage of the bus. Maybe that has changed..
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Thank you so much. I checked for buses but could not find anything that departs around 12 noon as my flight lands around 11am. I don't know the MTC bus timings. Any buses around 12 noon ? Friends, please help.
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Try this one that friend told me about. The prices are highly variable depending on time and quality.

My security software won't let me check this out despite my having clocked at least a hundred trips on this..
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Thank you so much Edwardseco. I checked msrtc. There are quite a few buses around 12 noon. Thanks so much for the help.
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You land at 11 am on 4th April - I think it will be too hot to even consider an MSRTC bus. There's no AC MSRTC bus on the Pune-Shirdi Route. Sure the non-ac run aplenty, but it will be mighty uncomfortable for someone not used to one, especially with the heat. Avoid one if you happen to be traveling with your family.
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Want to know the best route

Hi All
I am planning to go shirdi tomorrow on my own car and would like to know the best route for the same . I have read many travelogues before for shirdi but none of them seem to be a recent one . And I have also heard that at some places the road condition is horrible . So , just taking good care of the car I want to know which route will be the best . :)


Thank You

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