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Teertha Sep 9th, 2015 02:30

Need guide for Sandhan Valley from Samrad Village

I need a guide for Sandhan Valley trek from Samrad Village. Can anyone recommend one who would also have the necessary equipment (ropes)?

I will be visiting this weekend. In case anyone has visited recently, a trip report would be great!


kapilankar Sep 16th, 2015 21:45

A bit late for this, but Sandhan is not open for monsoons. The flow of water through the valley makes it impassable. Guides are available, but its a tricky situation out there with competition for the lucrative guide trade. You will be better off waiting till November and joining a reliable group from Mumbai or Pune.

kapilankar Sep 16th, 2015 21:49

Also, if you wait till about christmas, you may try for this too:

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