Malvan & Tarkarli in two days!
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Malvan & Tarkarli in two days!

I was planning to visit Some place less crowded,rich in nature, can be covered in two days. Life has become so busy now a days. Ever increasing burden of responsibility loaded on your head will carry away the simple man in you. Sitting in front of PC all the day, fighting with machine, solving manpower issues and what else...will result in making you small. So i was looking for the place pure nature....away from Indian crowd..

As I have already visited surrounding places, I was keen to visit what lies after Goa on the coast of Maharashtra. Google map revealed a artistic narrow strip of land & was called tarkarli. I decided to visit tarkarli

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Tarkarli is not away from the Indian or foreign crowd these days.
Check MTDC bookings and you will know.

However a goo place to be!!

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