Driving One state Registered Car in another State in India

#1 Jan 22nd, 2012, 22:20
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I have a car with Chandigarh registration number. I have been driving the same in delhi for last few years now without any problem. Now, my company might shift me to Bangalore, Pune , Hyderabad or Mumbai for 1 year atleast. I wish to take my car there in any of this city whereever company decides. Are there any legal formalities or I can drive there fearlessly (of the cops). I DO NOT want to re register my car as I would be coming back to Delhi within a year or after completing 1 year.

Please let me know your suggestions or if anyone has any concrete information on this.
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You can drive with the Chandigarh registration for a year, legally, I think. You have that much time to change registration anyway, I think (but am not sure). Pls look up the RTO site/rules for the place you are finally transferred to.

People drive for longer, claiming they have just entered the State. (Keep some toll tax receipts off the highway when you come in for proof). The drawback is that the local cops target you more for perceived offences/harassment in some places, but this is not a major minus. Certainly less headache than re-registering, probably twice, with road taxes and all.
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I think, you have to pay the road tax if you dont want to change the registration. As capt_mahajan said, you would be troubled more having a vehicle from other state.
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As far as I am aware of things you cannot pay the road tax unless you re-register your vehicle in a new state which effectively means a change of number and paying a small sum as re-registration fee and a big amount under the table to expedite matters.

My take on this be careful do not drive rash, do not jump lights and if you stay in the midst of traffic you will be seldom caught for this "offense".
(I drive a bike registered to a different state in TN)
#5 Jan 16th, 2013, 18:06
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Pay road tax online

I think you can pay online road tax for specif c period .. checkout the below link and share your experience for same.

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I think, although not sure (pl check) that you require a certificate from MVI office stating that the vechile was not used for any crime. But pl. check it as i have vaguely heard about it.
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Just wanted to add this information, from the horse's mouth itself.

What are the provisions relating to Inter State transfer of vehicles?
When a Motor vehicle registered in one State has been kept in other State for a period exceeding twelve months the owner is required to obtain a new registration mark to be assigned by the registering authority within whose jurisdiction the vehicle then is in terms of section 47 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988.

What are the provisions relating to refund of one time tax paid in respect of non transport vehicles?
Taxes on Motor vehicles is a State subject and hence the Motor vehicles Act 1988 and Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 do not contain any provision thereon. However while you apply for the new registration mark the State authorities would demand a N.O.C. for the original registration authority ( from the earlier State). N.O.C. is normally issued by such authority after ascertaining that all taxes/dues have been paid. In case of a non transport vehicle normally one time tax for 15 years in the first instance ( and 5 years thereafter ) is paid in most of the States. In case of transfer to another State the new State would demand prorata tax for the remainder of the onetime tax period. Such taxes are to be paid. Corresponding refund can be applied in the earlier State. Certain States exempt certain categories of transferable Govt. employees from payment of such taxes on transfer. You need to check with the concerned RTO authorities or Transport Commissioners.
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well, in hyderabad, safe driving is just not going to cut it, you need luck to go with it.

traffic cops set up mobile check points at random, and check vehicles...So, you will be caught sooner or later..And they will challan you, unless you can prove that you were here for less than a year...and sometimes, you may not be listened to, as they have to meet their collection quota for the month.

some people have taken up chain snatching while riding on high-performance bikes as a hobby..and you will fall victim sooner or later.

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