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neerajd Jun 15th, 2011 21:52

Dapoli to DiveAgar by ferry?
Is there a ferry service that can take a car? I believe that is the faster route compared to the road? Where do we catch the ferry? Is it operational during monsoon?

My tentative plan is (starting Friday - so replies tomorrow will be very helpful!)
Day 1. Mumbai - Goa Highway to Lonere - Goregaon - Mandangad - Dapoli
Day 2 - Dapoli - Asud - Anjarle - then get to DiveAgar (is this possible, doable - seems so on the map) What would be the approximate driving distance on this day?
Day 3 - DiveAgar - Mumbai

Any comments on the above plan are appreciated. Are the roads okay or recent monsoon would have caused any major damages?

Is it worth taking the route via DiveAgar/Harihareshwar,or should i just roam around Dapoli on day 2?
Will be taking my car, but driving alone.

Fundoo Jun 15th, 2011 22:05

Suvarnadurga Shipping & Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
Chandrama, Mokal Baug,
At Post / Taluka Dapoli, Dist. Ratnagiri - 415 712,
Maharashtra State, India.
Phone : Dabhol - (02358) 248900; Veshvi - (02350) 223300
Email :

Hope this helps you.

also, i guess the travel distance is too much for a 3 day trip.

neerajd Jun 16th, 2011 15:35

Fundoo..Thanks for the link. this is pretty useful.

Did u mean the trip Mumbai - Dapoli - DiveAgar - Mumbai is too much for 3 days? As per my calculation, it should be a total round trip of approx 500-600 km, which should be okay over 3 days, as long as there is no serious problem due to rains.

Fundoo Jun 16th, 2011 15:58


Originally Posted by neerajd (Post 1205539)
Fundoo..Thanks for the link. this is pretty useful.

Did u mean the trip Mumbai - Dapoli - DiveAgar - Mumbai is too much for 3 days? As per my calculation, it should be a total round trip of approx 500-600 km, which should be okay over 3 days, as long as there is no serious problem due to rains.

as per your destination list it looks a bit long if you can just spend time at 1 or 2 places then i think it would be a relaxed trip.

also, the roads in Konkan go bad during rains especially the patch between Mhasala to Diveagar, few months back the road was being widened causing the driving speed to be less than that of average.

here is a road map(Marathi)of Konkan which has the details of some roads which are not mentioned in regular atlas.

neerajd Jun 16th, 2011 16:05

Thanks - Dapoli is a must-visit, since we want to visit the Keshavraj temple at Asud, probably will decide there whether we should take the detour to DiveAgar, or just relax at Dapoli..

Speaker Jun 17th, 2011 14:33

From Dapoli you can go to Guhagar via Ferry (along with your car) from Dabhol in 2 hours. In Dabhol there is a Chandi Mata temple in cave. Very beautiful.
Guhagar beach is very very beautiful, clean and like personal beach.
Enjoy !!

neerajd Jun 20th, 2011 13:07

Had a wonderful 3-day trip. we indeed followed our original schedule:
Day 1 - Mumbai - Dapoli - Asud - Murud beach (halt)
Day 2 - Murud - Anjarla - Bankot - Ferry cross over - Harihareshwar (halt)
(the ferry takes you across the creek in about 5 minutes only - hardly got time to enjoy the ride) [cry]
New experience for me to take the car on the ferry!
One tip - you generally need to load the car in reverse so that when getting out, you are facing land..Quite a few cars drove right upto the ferry and then turn back for reversing..
My guess is that the ferry ride saves about 30-40 km drive...
Day 3 - Harihareshwar - Mumbai

Total distance was 540 km. a bit tiring, but roads were pretty good for most part, except a few patches, nothing very bad, so enjoyed the drive mostly, except for the trafic snarl in Mumbai :mad:

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask..

Fundoo Jun 23rd, 2011 20:44

if you can share the details of the recommended places.

neerajd Jun 23rd, 2011 21:11

Do u mean recommended hotels or just spots/places along the way?

Fundoo Jun 23rd, 2011 21:12


Originally Posted by neerajd (Post 1210829)
Do u mean recommended hotels or just spots/places along the way?

spots/places only.

neerajd Jun 24th, 2011 13:20

hmm..let me recollect along the way..quite a few
  • The Panvel bypass road..we had a bit of rain there..and it was very very windy..good spot to relax for a couple of minutes, enjoying the little rain droplets..
  • Karnala of course, on the way..very green very wet..
  • The NH-17 stretch from Wadkhal to Mangaon..lush green rice (i think) fields on both sides..water bodies..there was no traffic (possibly because it was a Friday morning)..stopped at quite a few places on this stretch just to treat our eyes to the lush (almost fluoroscent) green colour all around
  • road from Lonere (where you leave NH-17) right upto Dapoli - no traffic..nice waterfalls..some right on the road!
  • The first 2 kms of the drive when you are 18 km away from reaching Dapoli - i think starting from Palgrh..where the road bifurcates and the right goes to Dapoli and straight to Khed..Lush green trees on both sides..beautiful road with no traffic in sight till far away..touched 100 kmph..wind on the face...2-3 minutes of bliss!
  • The walk upto Keshavraj temple at Asud..about 1 km walk through lush dense vegetation - mango, jackfruit, coconut, supari etc...very Konkanish
  • Murud beach - the resort that we stayed..was practically empty..and bang on the sea...extremely windy..continuous strong winds..having dinner and then next day breakfast under the clouds by the sea..amazing experience
  • Drive from Dapoli to Bankot..a lot of stretch right beside the traffic..very serene..
  • The detour to visit Anjarle..quite a uphill drive for a city driver like me :) but amazing scenes all along..sea on one side..dense green mountains on the other, and for the most part..great roads. you cross some river bridge on the way..quite a scenic spot.
  • (more from a drive perspective - the first left turn when you go to Kelshi from Anjarle - must be 45 degree.. i thanked my stars i was going down and not up here!!) Almost thought of waiting a couple of minutes to see how vehicles actaully make it up there, if at all!
  • the creek crossing at Bankot is also quite nice.

Not sure if i answered ur question, but certainly gave me a chance to revive trip memories :D

Fundoo Jun 24th, 2011 13:26

made a note of all these, will be in konkan during this monsoon hopefully.

OSS Mar 5th, 2015 13:18

@ neerajd, i'm also planning a custom route trip contains some spots from diveagar to dapoli. is jetty/ ferry is available from diveagar to dapoli ? i think 2 times i have to go through ferry ? explain in detail.

shrikant borle Mar 5th, 2015 14:23

You need to cross one time (bangmandale- veshvi) to go through from diveagar to dapoli. Check time table & ferry rates at
Route - Diveagar- ferry from bagmandale to veshvi - kelshi phata (turn right) - kelshi - anjarle - murud - dapoli....

shrikant borle Mar 6th, 2015 12:15

Update -
Harihareshwar to bankot bridge - supreme infra awarded the contract to build cable stay bridge across bankot creek (harihareshwar to bankot). Construction work started & bridge will complete end of december 2017. Old link only for information.

Velas to kelshi bridge - Half bridge completed due to objection of archaeology department. They put stay on it & court case going on.

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