TAMIA & PATALKOT in Chindwara, MP
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TAMIA & PATALKOT in Chindwara, MP

Hi all,
not a very old member of IM and am sure this consists of IM'ers who have seen the length and breadth of the country.

One of the lesser known or less commercially famous places is Tamia.

Tamia is around 32 km from chindwara, MP on the way to pachmarhi/ Bhopal. Chindwara itself is a forest district.

few points about tamia
1)deep and dense forest areas with huge (HUGE!!!) ecological and botanic diversity

2) still untouched by commercialisation. ( try searching details for Tamia on google). you may not get more than 10 links stating it is a hill station. beyond that, you will find no site talking about the details.

3) there are old and maintained rest houses from the british times. These rest houses are located on the most picturesque locations on cliff edges. when i say rest houses i mean 1, rest house and one postal bungalow. these are available for the visitors.

4) barring these, there is not much accomodation available.

5)PATALKOT : Imagine a civilzation thriving at a depth of 1200-1500 feet in a valley. Because of the great depth at which it is located this place is christened as 'Patalkot' ('Patal means very deep, in Sanskrit also indicates "area below earth" in sanskrit).

Looking from top,all you can see is a deep valley, densely forested.When one looks down the place sitting at the top of the valley, the place looks like a horse shoe in shape. There is also river flowing through the beautiful valley.

Because of the inaccessibility of this area, the tribals of this region were totally cut off from the civilized world. The tribals here lived a self sufficient lifestyle and rarely ventured out into the outside world.

I would recommend Tamia and Patalkot to IM'ers to witness the beauty of virgin dense forests on sahydri ranges.
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Tamia is all about hills, cliff ( some dangerous ones), old beautifull british era rest houses with sarkari servants among denseforests, sunsets and sunrises

Patalkot is about depth. As against Tamia, which is on the hills,,. Patalkot is about going down, below into the valley. 1200 ft below Tamia level, forests even more dense ( not dangerous though), unknown civilization of triabls surviving on forests, herbal plants, you may not see sun rays reaching the grounds.

one of the still not exploited places on the face of this earth
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Tamia & Patalkot in Monsoon

:) Hi,

can we go there in Monsoon (Around 15 Aug). I have been to Pachmarhi in monsson and really loved it.

Happy outdoor,

Outdoor Adventure.
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Though these places are great through out the year.
Monsoon will be the best
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Very useful and interesting post Puneet.

I have more details about Tamia and Patalkot, mainly travel info, if anyone is interested just reply to this thread.

But please, only if you're serious about visiting.

There are some great train options linking other tourist places in the area, including Bhimbetka Caves (said to be awesome), Bhopal and Vidisha (also for Sanchi).

If memory serves me right, only Sleeper Class (not air con) is available, but there were some inconsistencies with the train's timings that would need to be investigated, and this isn't easy, I don't mind finding out if you're serious.

(I checked a few weeks ago whilst looking for something else)
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Chhindwara is 56 kms from Tamia and connected via the main road in the area.

Train 286 (Panch Valley Passenger) departs Chhindwara Jn daily at 21:05 and gets to Vidisha (also close to Sanchi) at 07:59

Sleeper Class = Rs 181

Train 286 also arrives at Obaidulla Ganj (close to Bhimbetka Caves) at 07:14

Sleeper Class = Rs 100

(The train also gets to Bhopal at about 08:00)

Going the other way the train isn't so well timed, from Sanchi/Vidisha you have to go to Bhopal for the train.

Train 285 (Panch Valley Passenger) departs Bhopal daily at 18:15, then Obaidulla Ganj at 19:00 and gets to Chhindwara Jn at 04:30

These trains are slow passenger trains that stop at almost every station, you'd need to be able to sleep with a lot of noise around you, buses will connect these places faster, though they are unlikely to be direct buses, the train info is just for those like me, for whom anything is better than a bus.

(for those who spotted the strange times, like the train getting to Vidisha before it gets to Bhopal, a carriage is taken from train 285 and attached to a faster train (Chattisgarh Exp.) at Amla Jn. so if you want to get to Bhopal by about 7, book through to Vidisha)
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I like the name Panch Valley...
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thanks steven for the information.
i had never been to chindwara by train...
Should plan one trip
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These places sound amazing !
I'll try and fit them in. Could you tell me how one makes reservations at the rest houses. What are the prices like ?

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nice website providing some er.. lowdown on patalkot = http://www.patalkot.com/ . btw you could contact that website with your questions. i doubt anyone in this forum can share FIRST HAND info about this place save perhaps the OP.
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Thanks for the site, singsub

It says Chhindwara is 125 km from Nagpur, too.

I see possibilities of a drive by coming up...
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I have just returned from Patalkot. The place is very beautiful in monsoon. I do not think it can be more beautiful in other seasons. As a bonus, I had happened to meet Dr. Deepak Acharya right at the place. Dr. Acharya is the man behind www.patalkot.com

I shall be posting some pictures shortly.
...and I took the road less travelled.
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Some pics of Patalkot are in my blog
...and I took the road less travelled.
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I really enjoyed reading your blog rangss, thankyou, the pictures are beautiful.
I've now started dreaming about possible future trips, thanks for the inspiration.
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Is there any problem from Naxalites and maoists in TAMIA AND PATLAKOT area???