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Mumbai and Goa Hotels

Hi, folks. This site is great--and you all are so helpful! I hope to add my limited knowledge once I return from my two weeks in India next month (Feb 05). For now, I'm wondering if anyone can help me choose between a few hotels in Mumbai and Benaulim, Goa. I have found a little information on each, but it's hard to tell the difference.

I'm going to be arriving in Goa after flying into Bombay alone, and my friend (an Indian man) will be meeting me there the next day. We'll travel to Mumbai together, but he will be staying with family there while I stay in a hotel in Colaba. My main concerns are safety and cleanliness. Other than that, I don't need too many frills, although Western toilets and hot water would definitely be good. Both Goa hotels are on the beach.

Hotels in Mumbai: Shelley's, Godwin, and Regency.
Hotels in Benaulim (Goa): L'Amour and Furtado's Beach House

Sorry if this is repetitive--I did do a search for posts on each and checked the Hotels section. If anyone has any info or opinions, that would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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Mumbai and Goa Hotels-addl ques.

Also, anyone know about Hotel Transit near the Mumbai international airport? I'm planning to stay there the night (early morning!) I arrive, before I head out the next day for Goa.
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Hi, Amaia!

This is just to start you off, as I haven't stayed at any of the three Mumbai hotels you mentioned, so I don't have that all-important first-hand knowledge.

I don't recall seeing the Godwin at all, so I can't talk about it; however, we stayed in a cheap hotel almost next-door to the Regency, and we walked past it several times a day. It was a lot swanker -- and more expensive! -- than our bargain-basement choice (the Benazeer), and, in fact, it looked much like any hotel you'd find in Buffalo or Detroit. The location is, we thought, just about perfect: a few minutes' walk from Victoria Station, surrounded by banks, plenty of restaurants nearby (one little milk bar sells a drink called pyush, which is like a lassi with something extra added to it, and, if you find this, I guarantee you'll keep going back). It's in the Fort area, not Colaba, but you can walk between these areas quite easily -- and, actually, the Fort is better than Colaba as far as proximity to the sights is concerned.

The Regency is also more swank than the Shelley's, which is a charming old building that is starting to look a little "tired". It doesn't look like an American hotel, however.... it looks like exactly what it is: an old seaside guest house. When we short-listed our hotels, Shelley's was second on the list, as it seemed particularly good value for money, so you can bet that, having finally settled on the Benazeer, we walked down to Shelleys to see what an extra 300R a night could have bought us. As far as centrality to everything is concerned, the Benazeer/Regency wins hands down, but Shelleys, with its faded old-world charm and its view of the bay (from some rooms, anyway), was a mighty attractive alternative..... I'd have to say that, given the choice of a free night in either Shelleys or the Regency, I would choose Shelley's, simply because I'm not too fussy about modern fittings and decor, but I sure do like to feel some "atmosphere", and to know that I'm in a hotel that seems a part of the city in which it's located, and not just stuck in there as an afterthought by a US megachain!

I think we were quoted about 1200R a night for a double room at Shelleys, but I never got around to asking if we would get an ocean view for that price -- I would hazard a guess that we wouldn't. Unless you are really tight for funds, I would advise that it would probably be worth paying a bit extra at Shelleys to get a room looking onto the water -- otherwise, there doesn't seem to be much reason to stay in the Colaba area!

Hope that is a little bit of help!

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