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Money transfers

I want to book a week in the Corbett Tiger Reserve. I have spoken to a company (Camp fork tail creek) who seemed really nice. However, they want me to transfer 50% of the booking cost before they will reserve accomodation for my boyfriend and me. I'm concerned about wiring money to a company that I know next to nothing about. There isn't an option to pay by credit card. I tried to call them but the number they gave did not work. Does anyone know if this company is reputable and whether I should wire money? I don't want to get scammed! :confused:

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I feel 50% of the tariff is more but you can pay 10-20% amount to get your week stay confirmed. In case if you dont visit the place the amount will be forfeited. I have never heard of the company...and even its not there on the web...

suggestion is to get some pics and then then pay by cheque or Draft...

Wish you a Happy Adventurous Holday...

Plan for our city also if time permits....Hyderabad
Ram Mohan
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all was well

thanks for the response. we did send the money and what a blessing it was - the nicest place i have visited along with fantastic company. i would certainly recommend it and IT WAS DEFINITELY NOT A SCAM!!:D
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Thanks for the positive feedback :)
Life gets aadhar every day.

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