Khajuraho: any hotel recommendations?
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Khajuraho: any hotel recommendations?

We will only have two days and one night in Khajuraho (coming in and going out by bus from Satna). Does anyone have any hotel recommendations for this city? Thanks for all help!

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try this site
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Many thanks! Boy, they are all VERY up-market, aren't they? I always worry when hotels quote their prices in US dollars!
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You may want to check out:

I have no experience with them yet but have heard that they are reasonably priced. I am going to be their guest at Jabalpur, Kanha and Bandhavgarh later this year.
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Was in Khajuraho a couple of weeks ago and stayed at Zen Guest House. It was pretty good, we had a huge double room with attached bath for Rs 300. It is a good place to meet lots of travellers, as it was very busy when we were there. We also checked out Surya GH which was just next door. It was very nice, and I would also reccomend it.
A word of caution, ALL of the hotel restaurants are very expensive. We never ate at a single one the whole time. There is great and super friendly restaurant next to Zen called Shivam. They are very friendly and full of info. Try the Gujarati Thali...mmmm!
Happy travels,

PS: Arriving on the bus, be cautious of the touts, we almost had a fight on our bus between two touts arguing over a couple of tourists!
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Thanks, bearable and Nerrehs, for this very useful information. I was most inetersted in that website, and also in your evaluation, nerrehs, of the Zen, which has been recommended by others.

(I posted an earlier thank you to you both, but somehow it disappeared from this thread -- if it turns up again, and I have two near-identical posts, blame the cyberworld!)
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Last Feb. we booked online at the Holiday Inn for $24, and were greeted with a 20% discount on all food.
as we had just spent 3 weeks roughing it in almost unheard of parts of MP, we got up early, hit the temples, and spent the rest of the day asleep on a decent bed + in and out of the pool- heavenly!!!! Nightime entertainment was watching the tour groups file in and loudly air their expert opinions on Ma India, Cheh . . . . :rolleyes: All i all a great value,and just what we needed at the time. Dunno if it works for you. KJ is the absolute pits as far as hustle, hassle, and toutage on par with Agra :mad: :mad:
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Bijapuri, that "big splurge" sounds great, and I'll bet I feel just like that on occasions during the next five weeks. At least, a Holiday Inn could be counted on to have toilets you can put toilet paper into (this is much on my mind this week, as the last week before departure approaches!).

But... a Holiday Inn in Khajuraho!!! That's a bit like finding a McDonalds in the corridor of the Great Pyramid! Ahh, the joys of globalization!
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can u pls guid me more for khajuraho , orcha and any other happening places near by?
i will be visiting varanasi , khajuraho next week
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No new recommendations, merely an update, to follow-up some earlier posts on this thread.

We arrived in Khajuraho around midday in a jeep whose driver was pushing his own establishment, which turned out to be about two doors away from the Zen, which had been recommended to us (see above). We told the driver we would have a look at the Zen first, and if we didn't like it, his choice would be the very next stop.

There are at least another half-dozen hotels within a few metres of each other in this street, and they all look pretty much alike: not much character, but reasonably "safe".... no chance of unpleasant surprises. The Zen was cheap: 150R for a double, and it was clean, fairly new (comparatively), and had an outlook over a leafy courtyard. We didn't bother to look in any of the others.... the Zen's owner was friendly and co-operative, they gave us a good map of the town, a cup of marsala tea, and some good advice about how to organise our sight-seeing, and we couldn't have been happier.

In early November, there was no need to book at any of these hotels. They all had plenty of vacancies, and lots of touts around, with offered prices from about 100R, to tempt you.

Thanks to the people who recommended the Zen -- it suited our purposes just fine!

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We stayed at the Holiday Inn in December '04. Quite a palacial and luxurious hotel by Indian standards. Lots of marble, nice big garden and a pool. It's about a 15-20 minute walk to the Western temples. However, the rooms are spacious, clean, and plent of hot water.

Would we stay here again? No. Across the street from the Western temples are several hotels that looked very nice and much less expensive. There were rooftop restaurants that overlooked the temples, shopping and internet cafes.

Because of the marble, and combined with long hallways, the Holiday Inn is a very noisy hotel. When the workers or fellow guests talk, you can hear them from the other end because the sound echos throughout the floor. You may want to look elsewhere if you are a light sleeper.

The staff was nice but management was pushy. Our first night, they were hosting a garden dinner for 15 Euros (a princely sum in India). We had to tell them "No" 4 times, (the last time not so pleasantly) that we were not interested. They even called our room twice to see if we changed out mind.

We did have breakfast included with our room and the food was outstanding.

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