Help finding accommodation in Anjuna
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Help finding accommodation in Anjuna

My boyfriend and I want to get accommodation sorted for over New Year's in Goa. We're planning on staying in Anjuna for a few days (30th Dec - 2nd Jan we think), but realise we should really have booked up somewhere already - we know it's going to be packed and are getting a bit nervous about managing to find somewhere decent!

We've got a mid range budget, and are prepared to spend a bit more than for the rest of our time in India - as it's New Year and to ease ourselves into India gently.

As predicted, a lot of nicer places within our budget are all booked up already [cry] - has anyone got any recommendations of places to try? If we leave it too late are we just likely to have to take something a lot more basic than we might have liked (for not such a cheap price) ?!

Any help would be much appreciated!

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I have to admit that I haven't the faintest idea where Anjuna is, but obviously some members do - have you seen the hotel reviews section of this site?

Another feature you might not be aware of is that the site autumatically searches for similar thread titles, so if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll find other threads that might (or might not!) offer good advice. :)

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Thanks Haylo! Anjuna is on the coast in north Goa. I've had a look at some of the threads below and it sounds like we should be able to find something without pre-booking, even if it is very basic.

The problem is, after a long journey no doubt we'll just want to be able to relax somewhere without having to hunt around for a room! Plus we'd been hoping for something a bit nicer than just budget accomodation for our first few days.

Oh well, we'll keep looking and hope we find something!

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