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Nibi Aug 27th, 2005 01:03

coorg hotels
Dear Friends

Where to look for a budget accomodation (say Rs.250) in Coorg in mid November. Is this time peak season.How many days stay are required to do sightseeing (without hurry) at Coorg. anybody's travelogue on coorg visit.

enigma76 Aug 27th, 2005 01:58

Hi there,

I'd been to Coorg around a year back, and we stayed at this place called "Honey Valley". Very nice, laidback place in the middle of nowhere, tucked in a pocket of Coorg, this place is run by a family who stay in a cottage within the property itself, along with two strong dogs. I would suggest you hunt on google for the current rates and contact information, I'm sure they have an online booking facility which will give you the rates, it is definitely not TOO expensive but perhaps a little over 250 rs.

I would say a period of two days would be ideal to explore Coorg and the surroundings in leisure. Three days would be great. We went on several treks in and around HOney Valley, which took us to some stunning places including beautiful streams and plenty of refreshing flora.

Coorg is definitely a place to visit. Have fun :)

livin-in-india Aug 27th, 2005 02:04

my experience:

coorg is not about sightseeing, it is about enjoying the beauty of the land. therefore i'd avoid any in-town accomodation, as you'll get the treat of rickshaw smoke and sound there.

stay on a coffee plantation. visit a waterfall or two, get a nice view from Medicara's (Madkiri, or however they spell it today) of the sunset...

smaller is better. more personal, more intimate. you'll meet the locals, and enjoy there unique brand of hospitality.

i connected with tom of pompeii valley eco-lodges. great guy, nice property, totally delicious cooking with much of the yummy stuff off of his land. prices were reasonable, possibly in the 250Rs per person range in his little multi-room cottages.

the big draw resort is called Orange County. seems to be surrounded by beautiful forests, yet expect crowds and dear prices. google coorg for lots of travelogues.

and enjoy!

KANISHK Aug 27th, 2005 02:09

encouraging and helpful
Very encouraging and helpful info. THANKYOU ENIGMA THANKS LIVE-IN

enigma76 Aug 27th, 2005 02:17

I think the USP of many resorts/guest homes in Coorg is to use the self harvested products in the dishes it serves the guests :)

I remember that during our stay there, everythin right from the morning coffee to the honey we used to decorate our homemade rice balls(YUMMMMM) to the fresh fruits and more were all from the property itself.

I ended up taking home two 1.5 litre SPRITE PET bottles of fresh backyard honey from Honey Valley, which was given on the house by the very very hospitable family who runs the place :D

What other best way to complete a dream break in HONEY valley huh? cool:

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