Book accom in advance or book as we go?
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Book accom in advance or book as we go?

My husband and I are travelling to India for 3 weeks in February visiting Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi and Goa. We arrive in Delhi at 1.30am in the morning and I intend to have a pre-booked hotel with driver waiting for me (still haven't booked this though so any reccommendations appreciated :) ) . Regarding our other stops, do you think it would be wise to book hotels in each place in advance or could we book as we go? We are not very seasoned travellers and will be looking to stay in middle-of-the-road type hotels. My concern about booking as we go is how we would go about doing this? I've read so much about touts trying to vie for your business and getting commission for taking you to hotels, how would we know how to find a decent hotel? Or are there more "legitimate" hotel booking facilities at the train stations?
I feel so unorganised and it's just over a week before we leave!
Any advice appreciated ...

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I would suggest that you book early if possible. Always better to land in a place with an idea of where you are going to stay.

Since you may be spending a few days at each place, take some time to get into an internet cafe, browse the web and book a place at the next destination.

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