Each Language is a Unique World View

#1 Aug 19th, 2013, 12:45
It's all Greek to me, but Benglish will do
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Interesting article today in the press:

Each Language is a Unique World View

PLSI found 90 languages in Arunachal Pradesh, almost double that of the next most diverse state, Assam, with 55. What are the reasons which lead to so many languages?
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In Linguistics it's called the Sapir-Whorf Theory.
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Each Language is a Unique World View

Maybe they developed in areas that used to be quite secluded. So little traffic to / fro hence no development of a shared language. Even a formerly shared language may develop in different ways if the people dont mix.

Just see how Afrikaans (which developed from the dutch they spoke in Holland in that century of colonisation of whats now South Africa) developed to be far away from where contemporary dutch ended up.
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Originally Posted by theyyamdancer View Post Interesting article today in the press:

Each Language is a Unique World View
Thanks for posting the link, theyyamdancer. Some good questions from the interviewer. And some freewheeling replies.

Apart from the cultural aspect, why is linguistic diversity desirable?

Language today has become an economic capital around the world. The future technology—computers, mobile tech—their basic material is language. Having many tongues will come to be seen, in a not so distant future, as great economic capital.
Computer language is based on the distinction between 0 and 1. Zero is absence, 1 is presence. This understanding is derived from the Greek system. In Sanskrit we have a word, Kha, which means space, or a zero that includes everything, a place where things take birth and perish. There is another word for zero, shunya, which means empty. There’s a third word, purna, which is a zero which has things in it, but they are neither born nor do they die. Corresponding to these three, there are three ideas of the unit, of 1. Supposing we bring these into computer technology?
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Agree. If we loose our language, we loose our culture. Macaulay - teach them English.

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