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Tanvi Mallya Aug 25th, 2013 14:13

Need help planning for December 2013

A few friends and I are planning to visit Lakshadweep for a week or so this December - mostly during new years'. Most of us have no idea about Lakshadweep and we would really appreciate all help that you can offer :)

My pertinent questions are:
  • What is a good time frame to visit Lakshadweep?
  • Is there any island that is a MUST visit i.e. that is more beautiful than the others?
  • If we intend to visit all the islands, how many days should we look at spending on each? Alternatively, what are the islands that we can visit?
  • Travel cruises or Independent accommodation at the islands?
  • If we choose to travel Independently, what is the best way to get to LD from Mumbai? I mean, the most cost-effective?
  • What permits do we need to seek if travelling independently?
  • What kind of budget should we be looking at?

I'm going through the other threads under this topic and will eventually gain more insight but I would be glad if we could get some inputs on all these questions!

Something about us: We LOVE travelling. I know everybody says that, but we're the kinds who like to explore things on our own rather than book ourselves on an organised tour. Most of us are trekkers - so you get the picture. Although, we can adjust, we would be happier if the basics(food, accommodation) are hassle-free.

Hoping to receive some great tips!

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