Taxi Sharing?
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Taxi Sharing?

I will be travelling to Leh with my wife in Late August.

We have already booked our air tickets and accommodation in Leh.
However I was wondering if somebody would like to share taxi costs for for on overnight trip to Pangong and 2 nights in Nubra.
Also a day trip to the monestries around leh.
The taxi fares will be equivalent to the air tickets!
If not how do we get to find people sharing taxi's when we reach leh itself, how easy would that be?
Or does anyone know a reliable taxi driver, who I could negotiate with?

The itinerary is somewhat like this for August 2011:

21st Night Leh
22nd Night Leh
23rd Night Nubra
24th Night Nubra
25th Night Leh
26th Night Pangong
27th Night Leh
28th Night Leh


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I am going in a week and wil be happy to share taxi numbers upon my return arnd 8th August. U may touch base with me
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Read my thread on taxi sharing tips

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