Spituk to Stok trail difficult level

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to plan my trip to Ladakh, I need to gather information about the difficult level of the Spituk to Stok trail.
I mean the path, not the elevation.
If have you been there, can you describe it? Does it involves exposed passages? Walking along mountain ridges? Swinging bridges? Deep river wading?
To give me an idea, can you compare with any other trekking (I did Tongariro in NZ, Inca Trail in Perý, walked to Cerro Torre, Cerro Fitz Roy and Laguna Torres in Patagonia, walked in Madeira and along many trails in the Dolomites)?
Thank you.

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Welcome to IM, I wouldn't worry. For comparison with, I have only walked in Madeira - where the main problem seemed to be avoiding wine - and a few Dolomite strolls as a kid but Spituk- Stok is average stuff for Ladakh, in fact given your experience I would be more ambitious.

Zinchen - Rumbak is a valley stroll, I haven't done the Stok La for years although I was in the Stok valley this season, but I remember it as being a steep ascent - I think on the Spituk side and but the other side is easy. The top is a bit spiky and difficult for horses, I remember having to steady myself with my hands a couple of times, but only to place my foot properly in jagged rock, it is not exposed, no bridges. The rivers elsewhere were high last month in Markha but it should have subsided now, I doubt it is wading.

See the link below for a description of a comparable but longer trek.

#3 Aug 6th, 2017, 02:28
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Thank you Captain,
you gave me the only comment I got about the trail!
I checked the trek you suggested but I'm not staying enough to walk it.

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