Road conditions - latest reports HP/Ladakh
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Road conditions - latest reports HP/Ladakh

any news on the manali leh highway?

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this indian very unpredicatable
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May 30th Morning news.
Heavy snows... Roads closed again.
Will take at least two more days to open.
I am glad I am going in August.
Things should settle down by then.
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Heavy snowfall yesterday again in Rohtang

Not sure if that has stopped the traffic again..
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Road conditions - latest reports HP/Ladakh

Our member sajaan_20 has reported that the Rohtang pass is closed due to more snowfalls and that there has also been snow in the high altitude areas of Lahaul and Pangi.

Manali has had thick fog and landslides at some places have disrupted vehicular traffic.

Please add any news to this thread as it becomes available.
What a long strange trip it's been! :confused:
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Phone to Manali

A friend phoned Manali yesterday and said lots of rain fall occurring. Snow on the passes. Rohtang likely to open NOT BEFORE 10th June.
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Please pray that it gets cleared off by 25th leaving mumbai for Manali on 24th and then to Leh......


smiling ...always.......
now am anxiously(becasue of the weather reports at Manali) smiling :)
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Rohtang Pass to open today

Manali, June 1
The 13,050-foot high Rohtang Pass will be opened for vehicular traffic tomorrow.

According to Commander of Deepak Project K B Raju, looking after the snow-clearing operations project, vehicles crossed the mighty pass today and it would be opened to light vehicles tomorrow.

In a day or two, he said the heavy vehicles, including buses, will be allowed to cross the pass. It is after more than 15 years that the pass is being opened in the first week of June. — UNI

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IT HAS OPENED -Manali to Leh

the leh manali road has opened here are more details:

Rohtang, June 4
The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) today threw open the 465-km Manali-Leh highway for one-way movement for the civic and army traffic, linking the land-locked Lahaul valley to rest of the country after a gap of around six months.

The opening of the Rohtang pass has come as a big relief for the people of Lahaul valley. Onions and tomatoes which were sold at Rs 40 and Rs 70 per kg till yesterday now are available for Rs 15 and Rs 20, respectively, said Mr Ajey Kumar, a resident of Keylong. “The essential commodities were also in short supply as the BRO had declared May 29 as the deadline. The prices of other items have also come down as the supplies have been resumed now,” he informed.

The Commander, BRO, Mr KB Raju, who visited the spot here, said the tourist traffic going to Rohtang pass would not be allowed as it would take at least a week to make access to the parking places at the top. “But the civilians and tourists who wish to go to Keylong and Leh can go as the road is allowed for one- way traffic. As many as 25 civil and 67 Army vehicles crossed the pass yesterday,” he informed.

Raju said that the tourist traffic is being allowed till Marhi, 17 km short of Rohtang pass and 35 kms from Manali.

Snow-clearing on the Manali-Serchu highway costs around Rs 2 crore every year, informed Mr Raju. “This time, we cleared snow up to 60-70 ft here, much less than what we faced last year. We faced blizzards and avalanches, but the operation went on without a mishap. We have six snow cutters and dozers to clear the snow, he said
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good for all that finally we have the traffic open........... gud goin to all you anxious people waiting for it to open.

I m going too but not so sooon.

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At the following "official" site for Leh it still shows teh Leh-Manali road as closed :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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@ jaybel : hmmm yea they will not make it open unless it is completely cleared for two way traffic on that road.
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Does anyone have any information as to whether Kunzum La is open yet?
What a long strange trip it's been! :confused:
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I spoke to a couple of travellers 2 days ago who had walked out over Kunzum La. They had a hell of a walk through deep snow, crossing glaciers etc . Their guide said that he had never seen so much ice and snow. It looks like it will be some time before this road is open. Indeed this couple reported that some locals weren't sure that the pass would open at all this season!
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Manali - Leh highway..

The Manali Leh highway is open.. now. A few vehicles(mainly Sumo and Qualis) are leaving daily for leh. But the passes cud be motorable only for a few hrs every day. I reached Rohtang at 5 AM and it was all snowed out a few kms from the pass. The snow was finally cleared at 10 AM and the BRO ppl said that today the pass will remain open only for 2 hrs for tourist vehicles bound for Keylong and beyond.

We went by motorbikes till the Jot and encountered a lot of black ice early morning during the last 7-8 Km stretch. Even the Sumo etc were skidding dangerously. A truck rammed into the side.

The conditions are not easy but yes you can now do the Manali Leh highway.. do have sufficient time as conditions are still very fluid...
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