Parang la equipment needed?
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If you see the satellite images, say at digitalglobe, there is a track which is faintly visible on the true left side. You can see it quite close to the snout too. For the non-glacier parts, the track shown in Openstreetmap does match what you can see in satellite images. I've also found tracks at and which match this. So my guess is that one can use it for the glacier part too.
OsmAnd for offline "topo maps"
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Hi solotrekker1,

Fantastic, thanks! That's some great info, especially those GPS tracks might come in handy.
Left side it is then! Besides, once on site, my hope would be anyway to find fresh tracks from other groups up there, should be reasonably busy in mid-August.

Cheers, Kili
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Parang La Guide / group needed

I am looking for guide contact / group going to Parang La leaving between 29 August - 2/3 September.

Can anyone here please help? It'll be great.

Thank you :)
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Left side is much better but you need to cross over as soon as your reach the rocky patch before the snout...I took the right side when I was solo and regretted my decision the next day :)

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