Pangong Tso to Tso Moriri. Journey and where to stay? Feasible in my timelines?
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Pangong Tso to Tso Moriri. Journey and where to stay? Feasible in my timelines?


Am traveling with family. Wife, kids (11 and 13) and grandparents (60 and 65).

28th May - plan to leave Pangong Tso for Tso Moriri / Tso Kar breaking journey somewhere mid-way to stay the night (maybe Upshi?).

29th May - Stay at Tso Moriri / Tso Kar

30th May. Tso Moriri / Tso Kar to Leh.

Firstly, my flight is 31st morning. So am i cutting this too fine? Is there chance of getting stuck on some passes? How reliable is this particular route? Can I be confident to reach in time?

Secondly, where could I stay enroute and in Tso Moriri / Tso Kar? Can I just land up or do I need to book? What kind of places? Will it be comfortable for kids and old people?

Third, how long will the journey be?

Lastly, if I have seen Pangong Tso, will Tso Moriri be very different and worth it?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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Assume you will be up there acclimatised - its 4200 m. read the AMS stuff here if not sure. Pangon -tso Moriri is OK in 2 days, mad in one although I suppose its possible. never stayed at Upshi although I have had lunch there several times. Its a truck stop so there will be accomodation but certinly nothing special, espcially important if parents are not robust.
Lot of time driving...............
tso moriri to leh is a long day, there's tented accomodation at khorzok
Road can be blocked anytime but there is nowhere obviously a problem, should be OK
I get the impression this is a whistle-stop tour. Both places are best appreciated with time - skip one of them on your timetable
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There is a route from Spangmik [Pangong Tso] to Karzok without going back to Kharoo - Upshi. No decent accommodation at Upshi, you may have to go back to Leh.

The route: Spangmik > Merak > Chusul > Dungti > Nyoma > Mahe > Puga > Karzok [Tso Moriri] approximately 8 hours drive, but no accommodation en-route. Spangmik-Chusul road is rough. If you intend to travel this route, be sure you enter this on your permit.

I drove from Tso Moriri via Tso Kar that took 9 hours with halts in between.

There are some comfortable accommodation at Karzok, no advance booking required.

Traveling with kids and old parents would be a problem - please make sure they are properly acclimatized.

Enjoy your trip!

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