Manali-Leh route-Quick Question
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Manali-Leh route-Quick Question

My rough guide book says the Manali-Leh route is open from Mid-June to Sept. 15th and my Lonely Planet says Mid-July to
sept. 15th. Which is it?

I want to try to take a bus up around the last week of june....

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At that time it should be open,but you never know,it seems that right now Lahaul is under 4 feet of snow.
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I'm also heading that way starting the last week of June. I guess we'll have to keep our fingers crossed and pack some warm clothes!
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When Manali - Leh route opens is based on the weather condition, but it should be open by mid June and will remain open till mid - late October.
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Border Road Organisation has done excellent work at such height I was amazed to the road during my first visit, and thought hoe its possible to get to this height.

They clear the snow very quickly for the traffic, i remember people were struck in rohtang pass. And BRO came quickly for help.
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depends on 2006 the road was opened on 1st June.
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opens Junish?? depending on weather, official closing date 15th Sept but in recent yrs this as moved to late October due to late winters. Here's my pics of the route.KK
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Take a heart dear, Rohtang Pass definately gt cleared in the first week of june. we r going for the 4th time this summer to leh. and we always crossed that pass on 4 0r 5 june.
best of luck.
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does this road remain open during first week of nov ?
sometimes it does remain open but otherside is unperdictable. you may find it difficult to come back. so its not advisable.
even if you proceed you wont be able to access the area beyond baralacha. Keylong would be the last safest halt. any snow fall at rohtang la can stop the movement between manali and keylong. and in that case you would have only one option to go towards kunzum pass (that remains open for 15-20 days more than rohtang,) and take the kaza-tabo-sangla route to come back safely.
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So I guess this indirectly means that spiti can be safely visited during November via kinnur. Has anybody been to spiti in Nov?
why you are so particular about november? Nov is not the best/right time visit this section of himalaya. you would miss all the prehistorical stuff like caves and fossils due to just a single spell of snow. the road stays open for a longer period indeed but charm of nature goes under. the different shades of mountains etc wont be visible as clearer as till may to oct.
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Thanks ravi for your response. I was in spiti before in july02 and sep06. Its wonderful. Heard about long and harsh winter with 6 feet snow around. Just want to visit this place as close to winter as possible without getting trapped. Guess nov is a safe bet. During my sep06 visit, locals informed that there has been significant climate change in SPITI, now this cold desert receives much more rainfall and correspondingly less snowfall. Duration and severity of winter is also less they say.
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I will be returning by mid June, will let you know then :)

Road is officially 'closed' Oct end types, which means that a notice is put up, and nothing else - so you can ride through. As late as Dec1, Marhi was accessible via jeep. I got within 6km of it! :)
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Hi! Spiti is reachable almost throughout the year,besides short periods of closure of the Hindustan-Tibet road in case of bad weather(like few days back). November is definitely cold,but the snow is supposed to fall later on,and in Kaza they have never seen 6 feet for sure. People go there all the time. In november there are very few visitors anyway,so it is easier to have contacts with the locals who are mainly free and it is party time.