ladakh, here I come
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ladakh, here I come

Hi ppl

Came across this wonderful site while sifting through acres of cyberspace trying to collect as much info as I could about Ladakh tavel. This site is really the most amazing I have seen so far. very practical and up to date advice.

I am going to Ladakh in august 2nd week. THere are four of us and we are planning on hiring a jeep/qualis/sumo and driving there ourselves. I didnt see too many ppl on this site who have driven themselves from manali to leh. we are actually planning on going from manali to leh and back via srinagar. We will have 12-15 days to do this. Is it feasible? Is it advisable? Or should we stick to the same route that is come back via leh manali road instead of going to srinagar?

Does anyone know from where and for how much I can hire a vehicle in chandigarh? which will be the best vehicle to take? how bad are the roads really(for those who have seen the roads in the rest of this country)? are there any petrol pumps (gas stations) on the way?

do we need to take sleeping bags? does anyone know any medicine available in india for altitude sickness? what else works?

If we want to do a 2-3 day short trek in ladakh, does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks a ton folks, I will be back with more questions.

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You won't be doing justice to Leh in such a short time. And if you plan to take the Srinagar route for returning then better increase the duration of your trip.

Just good old Aspirin should be gud enuff for alti sickness(mild headaches etc.) provided you acclimitise gradually. Otherwise Diamox is used but not recommended. Going by road you should do just fine.
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Hi, Maryjane,
well hiring a vehicle might be a bit tough process but some more tips from seasoned people will come along. As far as it goes for roads, i would say Manali to Leh is the best you can get for the adventure. Being there myself on a two wheels is a different thing but still in a car its not like that easy. THe roads are no where compared to the roads that you see on planes. The Roads in the section of Manali - leh are good in between but some streches are completely not too gud to drive at as these roads can never be maintained due to the height and weather changes it sees every day and every minute.

The Last Petrol station is at Tandi which is some 80Kms away from Manali and is last filling station for next 396km Journey. So I would suggest you to fill in lots of petrol or according to your vehicle.

As far as it goes for acclamatization, it is preferable to stay without medicines if your health permits you to be like that, but just some good sleep and small walks would help you to acclamtize easily.

If you plan to Do Manali- Leh by your own vehicle or in rented one, You dont need to carry sleeping bags as on the way you will find plenty of places to sleep with decent tents to sleep in. Even If you feel the need for sleeping bags, they are easily available on rents in leh. Would get you more information on that. !

Just have plenty of water and salt intakes rest should be all fine. Just be careful if you plan to drive yourself as the road demands precise driving at places and you should be well verse with the condition of your vehicle. No Mechanics in between and also no tyre shops to fix the flat tyres.

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thanks lovemax an crimsonriver

for ur tips. will keep them in mind. how much would my travel time be in case i want to do delhi-manali-leh-srinagar-delhi? are there any short treks (2-3 days) that u would recommend?
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Atleast 12 days shud b minimum to enjoy the best.
But 15 can be good figure including time for rest stay and enough to roam around.
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Delhi- Manali
Manali- Serchu

That would make 6 Days Minimum
Usually Leh-Srinagar-Delhi is 4 Days (Due to rad conditions etc) and
that will make it 7 days.

In Leh you will find few 3 days trek to take.
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Can someone give some information on the new road (?) that has opened - Ladakh via the Kinnaur and Spiti valleys

I am planning on driving to Ladakh on 15th August and would like to try out this route.
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motor bike partner

i would like to join with some one who would like to go to leh and ladakh in a motor bike.
i can also drive but iam not well with the mechanics of it.

i mean for repearing . i am indian 30 m from kerala south india
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but if u plan to drive from kinnaur and spiti you will have to cross the following passes:

1. Kunzum la - no idea but generally opens, when rohtang does (25 - 31 May)
2. Baralachha la - tentative opening date: 31 May
3. Tanglang la - tentative opening date: 31 May.

The road is rough going from Losar to Gramphoo so prepare accordingly
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for road opening info , manali to leh check out:
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Hey Mary Jane.....

Planning on doing something similar tho next year.... what is the route you've decided on finally.... am using your post as my base ;)....... also does anyone have any info on the kinds of treks available at Manali???????

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Hello Mad max :) welcome to IMers.
Not sure about Maryjane but you can join a group of bikers who have planned up on a trip to leh. Just in case of more info, you can PM me.

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Originally posted by: LovemaxHello Mad max :) welcome to IMers.

Thanx.... great to be here...... haven't figured out trip dates..etc yet... tho with the info I've got think I just need to get dates in mind and then print out most of Indiamike and I'm good to go!!!!
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Thats the way to go Mad MaX........
Get the plan worked out...set the dates...
Nd see IMers helping u out to the best they can.

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