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captain bruce Apr 23rd, 2017 23:44

Internet down in Ladakh
Just got a message from a friend that the internet has been down for a couple of months in Ladakh and may be out of action for one more month.

If so, don't expect replies from guest-houses etc for bookings!

Non Indian Resident, can you update us when back online?


NonIndianResident Apr 24th, 2017 22:09

I've got access, but the internet has basically been down in Ladakh for 3 months. There are limited ways to work around it. The Airtel tower at the lower end of the Main Bazaar gives service on smartphones, but no other towers in Leh do. BSNL supplies service to the landline based "broadband" connections (bwahaha) for a few minutes at certain times of day on a sort of "rolling blackout system". And a few overpriced, deadly-slow, Hughes Vsat systems exist; for example at the Grand Dragon. You can't do anything that requires big bandwidth or security, etc.

By the way, I've run into more foreigners than usual lately whose ATM cards don't work in Leh these past few months. It may be related to the lack of internet, or national cash shortages, or maybe by chance I met some spacey people who couldn't sort out their bank account problems.

Add to that, there have been 3 (three!) separate weather systems in Ladakh in April bringing snow or rain, and several cloudy days each. So the Srinagar-Leh road is likely to open as late as mid-May. (Now I dare the people below to refrain from asking me when the road will open. I'll reply in advance: Nobody knows! If they say they know, they are bluffing.)

vistet Apr 25th, 2017 21:10

I was in Leh & Phey end January , when the net went out . For a brief moment I treated it as a bad joke when finally told it would come back with the opening of the Zoji La... ( BRO now somewhere beyond Sonmarg is what I hear now ) .

This was during the interesting times of ...monetary reform , but Vishwakarma and the banks smiled on me , the usual 10 K ATM withdrawal limit towards the end.

In the last days news : net also hobbled down in the Vale in an attempt to slow down clashes , BRO on the final kilometer for clearing the road from Manali to Keylong - until a big landslide took out a big chunk of the road way below the snowline.

NonIndianResident Apr 25th, 2017 23:35

Aaaaand it snowed briefly in Leh this morning again. I'll go put a link on your blog, Vistet.
Edited to add: Oops, I've got just enough internet for Indiamike, but not enough for vistet!

vistet Apr 26th, 2017 10:24

Thanx , I´ll update my sticky ...after coffee.

captain bruce May 17th, 2017 02:35

My mate now mails me to say its back up again. but see also:

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