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scotsman Sep 8th, 2006 03:28

Living in a quiet town near Manali
I am intending to get a flight to india on about october 10th-15th. I am hoping to spend around 6 months in india on a backpackers budget staying in hostels/cheap accomodation everywhere i go!

Im Scottish and will be travvelling alone, I love the weed and am aware this area is prone to attract people like me who want to relax for a while smoking cheap quality hash and living cheaply especially during this time when the harvests are recent....
Im intending to live for 6 months on £1300 - £1500 what do people think of this generally - do you reckon its enough to eat and smoke well?

My questions were basically I am the type of person who enjoys company but also does not want to be in a crowded city and I have been reading up and from that find the consensus is manali is very overcrowded at this time.

Are there many little towns in the vicinity (like few hundred km) from manali I could either rent a little house or stay at guesthouses. And able to sample the plentiful hash from the himalayas? basically a quieter more chilled manali.

Also I dont want to be inundated with isrealis (no offence) who think they control the area when its not even theyre country. I can imagine them being really clique-ee too!

For people who have done this, is it easy to meet other people and just start doing things with them etc? or do most people go travelling with a friend(s) and are on theyre own journey if you know what i mean. I mean im going alone but I would like to think people everywhere will be on a similar type of holiday to me, just coming for an adventure on there own... travelling seeing the world, and doing things with other people i meet on the way?! My sister is in india right now (went for a month) but she is going to more touristy places and dosnt smoke any weed, and i love weed and hope to smoke most days! is there many people like me there? there for the scenery wildlife, hash and basically to chill out for some months from the western .. work:drink:sleep culture?

But mainly I would be greatful on if you think this is realistic for me as I feel it is (only ever been abroad to spain.. on a 2 week drink fuelled trip to benidorm) when my family and friends think its a bit mad to go out for this lifestyle im seeking for a little while........ can it be how i want it? on this budget?

I would be very pleased and greatful if someone could shed some light on my general questions!

PS. Also thinking of heading to bangladesh for a part of the trip as my best friend from primary school lives there (his dad was doing a degree at the local university in scotland for a few years) but they returned when i was about 8 or 9. The father visited a few times when he returned to scotland for a work related trip, and theyve become very very religious. Well asik will be 20 now like me and very different but shah the father said they still talked of us alot the last time he was over here at the uni....... sorry for life story lol my question was is it easy enough to cross indian borders to bangladesh and is the culture much different? is it less safe? (read on some internet sites it is)

that question is not as critical as the ones above!



gautam Sep 8th, 2006 08:02

Imagine a young scottish, living in india in the hills all alone, planning to smoke a lot of hash, gathering hash info on forums [whoa] ..i smell cops rather than hash :goodluck:

LuAnnandJawahar Sep 8th, 2006 08:43


Originally Posted by gautam
Imagine a young scottish, living in india in the hills all alone, planning to smoke a lot of hash, gathering hash info on forums [whoa] ..i smell cops rather than hash :goodluck:


crvlvr Sep 8th, 2006 11:37

scotsman, welcome.

do search a search on "drugs" and you'll find a number of threads about the Indian laws and the risks associated with doing drungs in India.

Nick-H Sep 8th, 2006 12:03

Well, I don't see why a young Scotsman shouldn't have such a plan...

Brisso Sep 8th, 2006 12:44

Hey Scotsman

Certainly is possible and at any time there are thousands of tourists doing exactly what you propose. Can't comment on the finances - I reckon you'll need perday for accom 150 rp for a cheap room, food 200 and sundries 150rp so 500 a day. Starts to blow out with smoko 7-800 for a tola (10 grams but usually less) for anything you would be prepared to smoke).

Be a little bit careful and suss out the situation before you score, don't blunder in, although generally the biggest risk is being ripped off rather than busted. Best to suss a tourist who has been in town a while and find out where they buy. Otherwise just be a bit circumspect and quietly ask a suitable friendly local or guesthouse boy.

Learn a bit about baksheesh practices for the unlikely event you are searched. Otherwise don't draw attention to your smoking, smoke at home or away from public places and don't get messy and loud. Stash carefully and don't carry in an obvious place like bag or pockets. Down the underpants is recommended. Most indian cops dont want to go there. Or in your shoe. Stupid people are generally the ones who get busted.


Brisso Sep 8th, 2006 12:48

Sure Scotsman

A good proportion of backpacker tourists do just that. You'll need 500 rupees a day to live basic plus smoko money. Be careful and dont draw attention to yourself. Carry in your jockeys or in your shoe. Enjoy!!

JjInCt Sep 8th, 2006 13:53

I say go for it, but as a American what does he mean by this???

"Also I dont want to be inundated with isrealis (no offence) who think they control the area when its not even theyre country. I can imagine them being really clique-ee too!""

gautam Sep 8th, 2006 13:54

No comments on that mate..just:goodluck:

JjInCt Sep 8th, 2006 14:09

Well I really don't understand what he means? Are Scotish people and israil up against each other.
I did not know Israil thinks their running India. Im going to Fort Cochin after Thanksgiving and was told their are about 100 people or families.(israil)

This will be my first time in India,[Blush]

It could be the low grade smoke I bought last week:confused:

punchinello Sep 8th, 2006 14:35

What's the deal with Israelis in India? I've heard this come up quite a bit, esp. with refernce to the extreme North of India. What do they do to rile people so much?

Nick-H Sep 8th, 2006 15:44

Search the forum... plenty of people have strong opinions on this.

Don't lets drag up the issue again here, please?

The Cochin people are not Israeli, but Indian Jews. A diminishing community, I don;t know if there are as many as 100 people left?

Their beautiful synagogue is on the "tourist trail" --- and worth a visit.

rangers Sep 8th, 2006 16:40

moral malnutrition?

Originally Posted by Brisso

Learn a bit about baksheesh practices for the unlikely event you are searched. !!;)

life is good around there up in the hills.But this above suggestion sounds very dificult one.Is it a promotion of bribe to go safe with your smoke.?:)
take care

kullukid Sep 8th, 2006 19:33

1 Attachment(s)
Hi Scotsman, I prefer Parvati valley although Manali & Vashisht are definitely worth seeing & spending a little time there. Last year i found a very quiet place just outside Kashol (Little Tel Aviv!) It's called Bahadur family guesthouse & is set in apple orchards in the hills 5-10 mins walk from Kashol it was very clean & charged RS70 p/night my total bill for 8 days accomo 7 breakfasts 7 main meals & lots of drinks everyday plus 4 lots of washing my total bill for everything was about £17 (smoking extra)Here's a pic of the place (if i've attached it right?)& yes there were a few Israelis of a quieter nature staying there, i found them fine to talk to & smoke with (They luv the bong) i even went on a trek to Malana with a few of them, they are O.K.! But you do get a few boisterious ones like in any race (Have you not heard of "The British Abroad" very rowdy lot!).The good thing about Kashol is it's a good base for exploring other parts of the Parvati like Pulga & Kheer Ganga (where Shiva meditated for 2000 yrs there are hot springs here.)
If you are paying RS7-800per tolla then you are been robbed Rs3-400 is about rght, you can usually find someone to help with this on the other side of the river from Kashol, cross the bridge at the side of the rainbow hotel & follow the path along the river (it's beautiful) if you don't get app-roached! :D keep walking & follow the signs to the tiny village of Chalal cross the bridge over the stream & ask quietly, your every need will be catered for (but refuse the first one he shows you & ask for THE BEST you will have to haggle hard! By the sound of it you will be at home in Malana so definitely do the trek to there for some famous Malana Cream! Let me know if you need more info. Bom Bolenath

scotsman Sep 8th, 2006 20:50

Im no pig!

Thanks to the sensible replies. I will bookmark those places named (cheers kullukid : and briss on backsheesh advice, which i better not need to use) That hostel looks stunnin and at 70 rs per night a bargain and a half! I may visit!

I am also very fond of the bong so maybe me and the isrealis can be mates after all. Not got anything against the isrealis, just dont want them to all be in unnaproachable groups sticking to theyre own countrymen and not being as friendly to other nationalities! ie me!

Well as it happens ive just had my first jags. ive to go back another 2 or 3 times to get more. I had 5 today apparently but only 2 jags. After this I went to thomas cook to look at flights.

No direct from scotland to india, but emirates were 488 for a return flying via dubai. It costs 100 extra to change dates though! which i almost certainly will have to. so 588. I will try to get cheaper though.

Does anyone know how much travel insurance is roughly going to cost for 6 months in india (UK people?) also how much malaria tablets for 6 months is gonna cost! The nurse who jagged me today said boots are the cheapest but the NHS can give ones which are less likely to cause sickness but are alot more expensive..... i also need to get a new passport because my current one is in a shit state and i almost didnt get let in to spain last year cause its all crumpled!!

Im excited though! 1 month and am going to India

Whats the weather like in parvati and malani from october - january?? are we talking shorts and T shirt clothing? What type of clothing do tourists wear if theyre spending along time there? do they wear the indian style clothing or theyre own? I mean im not taking all my jeans and shit with me to bog me down, Im only going to take 1 bag with as little as possible in it.

Cheers. I hope you guys can point me in the right direction! :rolleyes:


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