Kasol to khirganga via pulga
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Kasol to khirganga via pulga

I am planning manali and Rishikesh this july.

*is therte any direct bus or train from rishikesh to manali?
*from kasol how can i reach Pulga?
*how long it will take from pulga to khirganga ?
* is there any cheap hotel or anything to stay in Khirganga?

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1. Haridwar/Dehradun to Manali buses are there
2. Take a bus from Kasol till Barshaini. Cross the dam to reach Pulga which is on the left bank of Parvati. But you can reach Khirganga by taking the right bank track via Rudranag as well.
3. Barshaini to Khirganga is 11-12 kms, which can be done in 4-5 hours, depending on the fitness levels.
4. There are sufficient teahouses in Khirganga offering a bed @ Rs 100.00 or some tents @ 200-300.00
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thank you :)

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