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Tour operator in Kolkata

Hello guys!!

I'm arriving in Kolkata on Februray, 6th, at 6 a.m., but I want to take a train on the same day to Varanasi! So, I would like to know if any of you knows which tour operator could arrange this train reservation for me...I've seen many, but I wanted to know a trustable one...

p.s.: as I'm not staying in any hotel, I do not have any address in Kolkata.


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what do you want exactly?
someone to collect your calcutta-varanasi train ticket? or do you want someone to book the ticket too (which is something you can do by yourself through the internet)?

if i knew your exact needs, i could help you, and whats more i can give you addresses of my friends in calcutta (if you dont trust tour operators) who would gladly receve your ticket (by post) for you to collect on your way from the airport to the railway station.
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Hello Bengal Tiger!

My problem is: I'm a little afraid to do this ticket reservation by the internet...I don't know if it is REALLY trustable to give your credit card number...and what if they don't send the tickets? What if I fill the form wrongly and something goes wrong that I don't get my tickets? That's why I wanted some help...Did you understand my worries? :saywha:
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well if you took an opinion poll among the "foreign tourist" members of IM regarding the safety of handing out the credit card numbers to the indian railway booking site, 95% or more would vouch that its safe. they will send the tickets for sure - 200% guarrentee. question is WHERE will they send it to?
the other question is all my own.... why hurry off to varanasi the same day instead of having a look round calcutta? is it a "hurricane tour to varanasi and back" that you have in mind? lol :D
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Well, I still don't have any address in I'll need that to do this reservation, right? I'm afraid to do this reservation wrongly....

About my hurry is that I have a 7-day pass to go northern India with all the flights already I have to be in Varanasi on the 7th....I'll leave Kolkata to the end of the trip... [happy]
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right. one way to solve your problem is to reverse your strategy. that is see calcutta in the beginning.
there are "n" number of trains from calcutta to varanasi daily, so you should easily get a berth. the higher class you travel the more the likelihood of getting a seat.

so come to calcutta, head for the railway booking counter orr ask a travel agent to get you a ticket for varanasi( opt for a night train whichever way you do it, cos that way you wont lose time... the time you would have spent sleeping in a hotel room could go for travelling the distance. same for return journey) book the return ticket simultaneously, so as not to leave it for later.

you should be able to get a ticket within 2 days notice or 3 at the outside (ie. for the 8th or 9th night) - you could use the time to see cal meanwhile. for the return journey keep a good margin in hand, lest your train be delayed.

all the best

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