Looking for English Speaking Maid
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Looking for English Speaking Maid

Hi All,

I and My husband arrived to Kolkata this Saturday.
We are looking for English Speaking Maid who is able to do cooking, cleaning and laundary.
I have tried to call a lot of Maid Agencies from Justdail.com but all of them cant speak English.
We prefer female and working hr is either 12 or 24 hrs is fine with us. 7am to 7pm for 12 hrs.
If you have any Maid Agencies to Recommend, pls kindly contact my hubby (Mr. Tan) at +91 9903567792.
Appreciate your help.:)


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It will be diffcult to get an English speaking maid in Kolkata though not impossible , if she speaks english obviously she will look for more lucrative job outside Kolkata / India I guess.

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You will not find an English speaking maid. Finding an English speaking driver or cook is possible, but it will typically cost somewhat more. (And they won't speak that much English.)

Why does the maid need to speak English? Maybe you can find someone to translate when you explain what you need done, and then she can do it.
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In which area would you be staying? Probability of getting an english speaking maid is remote. It is better if you arrive first, establish contact with the neighbors and then find a suitable maid.
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