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Hotel or guest house in Kolkata

Last year, i took a room at the Fairlawn hotel. I wanted to go back again this year but I just recieved a mail from them saying that they have no free rooms anymore.....:mad:

So, i'm looking for another hotel in the same old style....and same budget....:rolleyes:

Thanks for help. Mary

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There's only one Fairlawn hotel.

Others may try to imitate, but you just can't imitate the atmosphere of the Fairlawn.
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Thank you Steven for your reply but it doesn't help me. Could you have an idea for another good accomodation in Kolkata, Sudder street or Chowringhee.
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Hotel Victerrace @ Rs 1200
1B, Victoria Terrace(Gorky Terrace) Off. Camac Street, Kolkata - 700017 West Bengal, India
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Try Classic Guest House in Sudder St., and please don't go to Howrah Hotel as I did following the advice of an Indiamike member.

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I have not long returned from Calcutta having stayed in the Fairlawn initally out of a 6 week stay.

For the same price you can stay in the Lindsay Hotel, it is much cleaner and better equipped than the fairlawn but lacks the charm. ( two buildings down the street) I did find that i just returned to the failawn garden if ever i wanted to have a little "peace" from Sudder street.

My final two weeks i spent at Tollygunge club hotel, again the same price. This is at the end of the metro line but is a quiet sanctuary away form the noise and raquet of sudder street. It is an older building and many of the buildings in the massive grounds are originating in the mid 1800. There is a great golf course, swimming pool, stables etc available. The standard in many ways is similar to the Fairlawn as it is an older hotel but again i found the over all condition of the rooms better.

As much as i loved the fairlawn you are paying for the name, history and its charm. The rooms for the money are really quite poor and the nosiy aircondidtioner units are enough to drive you mad.

I had 4 different rooms over a two week period as they were trying to accomadate my last minute request to stay longer.In the end i moved on as i couldnt sleep due to the AC noise.

All the best for finding suitable accomadation. Both hotels i have mentioned have their own websites.
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Originally posted by: steven_berThere's only one Fairlawn hotel.

Others may try to imitate, but you just can't imitate the atmosphere of the Fairlawn.

i hope this means the favorable atmosphere of the fairlawn, as i've just booked there for a first visit to kolkata in february! [whoa] ;)

it seems to be well recommended. kidding aside, i presume you would do so as well, no?
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YES! Great A/C bar :Martini :Beer :Martini [banana] :Beer :Martini :Beer , great buffet breakfast, I have never staid at the Fairlawn, but I have hung out in its jungle beer garden about 16 million times, so if you're at the Lindsay, you can still hang out at the Fairlawn.:gathering

Camac Street??? Nahh [noway]

Here's a tip. Buy all the kitchen staff at Blue Sky a coke (if you eat there). I did, there's about 10 of them, and they were so GRATEFUL - nobody had ever done such a thing before. They all had a mini-party & all personally thanked me. Well worth Rs. 200/-!
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Don't get taxis from SUDDER STREET walk 100 meters to Chowringhee, stop a cab, use the meter - save 50%. This includes the Lindsay cabs. Maybe you already know this.

Did anybody see CITY OF JOY where Partric Swayze books a room at the FAIRLAWN and has a prostitute thrown into his room? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Now that's what I call Room Service!
Neither worry about, nor rejoice in the future (Ancient Egyptian saying)

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Lindsay hotel

great info guys, thanks
I don't arrive in kolkata til midnight - do you think this Hotel Lindsay would be a good option, taking into account a late arrival? I'm in town for a week
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Yep the Lindsay Hotel will be fine for arriving after 12pm or even the Fairlawn will accomadate "out of hours" check in's, but you must book one of them before you leave as both hotels are typically booked full. Good Luck
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Gosh, just saw at that Lindsay is 2000R a night for a single. Anyone got any recommendations for a cheaper place, or is 2000 typical $$$ for Kolkata? Cheers
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Hi Kiwi kid,
Welcome to Kolkata.:)

I’ll advice you to send a mail to them. And if you are going to arrive at midnight plz ask them about pickup service (taxi at midnight may become very costly).

These two threads may help you:

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Cheers Somnath. I love IndiaMike - instead of sitting here pondering what to do, it is so much easier to ask. Collectively the Mikers must have the answer to just about everything, eh!
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Having read through a lot of posts I'm thinking the Fairlawn and Tolly Club may be good for a night or two of relative luxury, however for additional nights I'm after something that's a 'better class' of budget, not drab and depressing, and definetly not the partitioned cubicle, windowless style of room.

I'm curious if anyone's stayed at the following and if they'd recommend them, a rating would be great too if poss :) :

Hotel Neelam - Dr M Ishaque Road
Hotel Maria - Sudder Street
Paragon Hotel - Sudder Street
Modern Lodge - Sudder Street

Thanks :D
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