Haunted Spots in and around Kolkata

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Hi Friends,

As I don't find any similar thread like this, I am starting this thread containing the Haunted Places in Kolkata and surroundings ..

Please come up with new places which you know ... and any other informations regarding the places I have mentioned are also highly welcomed ...

The National Library:

Located at Belvedere Road, it is known for its rare collection of books. But the residence of the former Lieutenant Governor of Bengal has a more eerie side to it.
"The footsteps of the Governor’s wife can still be heard," said a student, who goes to study there.
The posts of the night guards also keep changing. Most of them do not want to be put on the night shift. "They have seen apparitions," said a taxi driver.
The guards did not want to talk about their experiences as they feared they would lose their jobs.
The new building at the library has another story to tell. At the time of its construction, some of the workers met with an accident and died on spot. It is now believed that their spirits linger on. Two eyewitnesses told that they have seen black images fading in front of their eyes. Both fell sick four days later.
Staff members at the library deny that it is haunted.

South Park Street Cemetery:

The graves mostly bear British names in this cemetery. Opinions on whether it is haunted or not remain mixed. You'll not experience other-worldly when visiting the cemetery, which was built in 1767. Park Street then was on the periphery of the city and was a suitable place for a graveyard.
"I’ve never come across a ghost," said the guard.
It did not take long to find someone who had.
"I went to the cemetery with a couple of friends in August 2007. We were wandering around, clicking photos. When we checked the photo a few days later, I saw a weird shadow in front of the lens shaped like a fist. Loads of people have tampered with photos, but this is for real. It wasn’t any of our arms," one eye-witness said.
That was just the beginning. "Weird things started happening to us after we stepped out of the cemetery. I blacked out and started vomiting in the middle of the street. The guy who clicked the photo had an asthmatic attack at the same time – and he’s not even asthmatic! There were more problems but I can’t talk about them for personal reasons," according to him.

Hastings House, Alipore:

The old residence of the Governor-General at Alipore on 20 B Judges Court Road is now the campus of Calcutta Women's College of Calcutta University.
The students have different reasons to label it as an eerie place. Many claim to have seen a shadowlike horse-drawn coach entering the compound. Rumour has it that, the ghost of Hastings walks into the building and looks for some valuable papers he had lost. But an eyewitness has a dissimilar anecdote to share.
Keeping her in anonymity, she said that the spirit of an adolescent boy haunts the place. While playing football with his friends on the grounds of the institute, the ball hit the boy with force to his chest and he died on spot. The rest of the friends left him there and ran away. Since then nobody plays there, as they feel that the spirit of their friend is still waiting there. "After evening I don’t enter the campus because I saw a woman who was possessed. It was horrible," claimed the eyewitness.

Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station:

This metro station is yet another busy spot of Kolkata. Many suicide attempts have been made in this station.
Since many suicide and accidents have taken place in this station, people say that this place has something creepy and mysterious about it. Some even believe it to be haunted.
"Many suicide cases has taken place in this station, I have even heard that people who take the last train having eerie experiences," said Gopal, a shopkeeper outside the station.
There are even rumours about the station that during late evenings ghastly shadows of figures are seen. Authorities denied capturing eerie footage on CCTV cameras.
The stationmaster was not available to comment.

Writers’ Building:

The Writers’ building’s name is related to the fact that it happened to be the residence for the junior writers of the East India Company.

There are gigantic rooms in this building, which are vacant for several years now, and it is heard that ghosts dwell in these unoccupied rooms.

"I have been selling fruits in front of this building for 19 long years now, and I have heard many horror stories about it," said a regular fruit seller.

It is suspected that even the most elderly party officials fear to stay put in the office after dusk. They do not even dare to sit back for a cup of coffee or tea in the evenings. Many even say that different kinds of unusual sounds are heard inside the building in the late evenings.

"I have heard the sound of someone crying late at night," said another vendor.

Security guards refused to comment
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Originally Posted by Suvadeep View Post It is suspected that even the most elderly party officials fear to stay put in the office after dusk.
Writers Building officials leave early, as you said, but they also come in late. It is said that there are ghosts before 11:30am as well. Officials were unavailable for comment.
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Cool idea for a thread....as someone who enjoys things leaning decidedly on the macabre or dark side, I'm looking forward to checking out some of the weather-beaten, time-worn hotels like Hotel Howrah or the YMCA on Chowringhee that sound like if they're not haunted, they might as well be. If anyone else cares to explore such establishments or anything with gothic trappings feel free to PM me, I should be there fairly soon....
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Originally Posted by Suvadeep View Post Hi Friends,

As I don't find any similar thread like this, I am starting this thread containing the Haunted Places in Kolkata and surroundings ..

Please come up with new places which you know ... and any other informations regarding the places I have mentioned are also highly welcomed ...
I have to state that regarding suicide attempts at metro station, that many people in the cities are living a life of frustration, either becoz of jobs, either no job or a troubled job conditions, love affairs, etc. one of my distant relative committed suicide because of failed relation and jumped in front of a metro train in Kolkata. I don't remember which station it was.
If ghosts atart appearing quiet frequently, the metro employees will start fleeing. I work in Delhi metro and we work around 12 nights in an average in a months. Almost every-one has to work alone during nights. Shutters down(Entry/exit closed) and lights switched off. Depots are located near forests and haunted places in Delhi. We are not at all scared of ghosts but more scared of antisocial elements who snatch your goods and even murder you if you refuse to give away your belongings.
Conclusion: Ghosts may exist but most of the cases, they are only rumors. I lived in a hostel in which my neighboring room was kept vacant. becoz someone had committed suicide in it. I made up a challenge to sleep one night in that room. nothing happened to me an in the next month, the same room was given to one of my friends without any problem.
Another case is that one of my friend who appears to be very strong physically( a bodybuilder) was almost scared to death when he went to our bathroom (in the same hostel) at 1 AM at night to pee, the flush in the toilet started by itself. he started to run towards my room and saw a shadow moving past my room on my floor. Anyhow he reached my room and told me his experience. Next few days other students experienced the same thing. I started to investigate as I don't believe in things till I see them myself (I am a student of science).
Mystery solved: The flush was automated type with no handle. Operates when the volume of water exceeds certain limits, every 15-20 min.
The ghost was one of my friend "Siddharth" who was a Psycho patient. Caught him at 3 o'clock one night. inquired him and found out that he was suffering from depression because he could not clear his papers and used to roam in every floor of the building after 11'o clock to find some solution to his problem.
Next month, his father took him away an he left his studies.
Ghostly shadows were never seen from that day.

But another ghost story lies here.
My mother had experienced when she was newly married. She saw a short height lady ascending the stairs wearing a white saree with red border. she thought someone was trying to trespass our house with the intention of stealing. she followed her till the puja room and saw that the figure bowed in-front of our Kul-Guru's photo. this happened for several months till I was born. My mother asked my aunts whether they knew anything about this, no-one answered. when she told them about the saree an the short height, one of my aunt took out the saree from an ancient trunk which was not opened for the last 5 yrs. My mother was shocked to see. It was my Late grandmother's saree and the spirit was of my late grandmother. My grandmother was a very religious person and devoted to our kul-guru. During her last moments of life, she wanted to see my father getting married and a very young bride(my mother) and a grandson(me), like 'Gopal'. With Such dreams, she died. her unfulfilled desires made her come back. When I was born, Her heartily desires were fulfilled, and she never appeared again.
So Spirits exist. For Example, you can't read the data in DVD ROM by using a CDROM drive but data in the DVD does exist.
So stop analyzing things which are beyond human scope.
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Originally Posted by Debjyoti Banerjee View Post So stop analyzing things which are beyond human scope.

Is that a Request or an ORDER ?

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Unhappy Sorry for being rude

I am requesting and not ordering to do so, If you want you may continue, but is that worth the time spending on such investigation rather than other important things in life?
I have not personally encountered ghosts but i don't dare to challenge their existence. How can we meddle a thing which can't be seen or felt in normal condition? But I can say that once you experience such paranormal thing, you may get mentally disturbed. your mind will play tricks and you will tend to see ghosts everywhere.

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