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Originally Posted by RPG View Post . Also, it can get miserably crowded.
True. And I sat there and let those trains pass until one came along where I could squeeze on relatively easily. After all, I had no job or appointment to get to so in no hurry to get anywhere. I could wait.
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Originally Posted by Sama View Post True. And I sat there and let those trains pass until one came along where I could squeeze on relatively easily. After all, I had no job or appointment to get to so in no hurry to get anywhere. I could wait.
I would guess that they have "ladies' compartments". Bad in principle, but probably useful in practice.
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As per my understanding you need yellow cab or metro rail . If you hire any app cab you need to provide the correct destination , but your purpose is to roam around for photography . So I think first you try to avail metro or tram (if available in that area). Once you are done and you just want to go to a single destination then hire ola or uber .
There is one concept of ola rental , they will charge you hourly basis .
Don't think too much , my city is safe and well connected by public transport .
Just come and enjoy .
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Thanks all for the great info, it really helps me. Of course more info is still welcome.
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Originally Posted by Harry05 View Post In january/february I will be a few (propably about four/five) days in Kolkata. Just wandering what is the best way to get around between certain areas (where I will walk around)
1. Want to use a taxi for this or do they also have service like Uber/Grab or mototaxis? What is the going rate of a taxi?
2. Like to walk around making photos. Are all the areas safe to walk around (by myself) or are there certain no go areas?
3. If making photos of locals (after permission of course), is it usual to tip them? If yes, how much would be going rate?
4. Any advice about not too well known nice local areas to walk around?

Thanks answering in advance.

You have OLA and UBER as well as local taxis. One thing I can tell you is that it is quite ok to walk here and there and take in sights and smells of the city. It is a safe city but its always good not to venture out in the middle of the night.
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Went to Kolkata after 45 years in 2015. It is crowded but safe for walking around. Metro is good but starts on weekends at 10am! Metro is only one line and looks and feels like it was never updated after 1970s. Taxis are cheap and easy way to travel. Enjoy!
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Originally Posted by atala View Post You don't really need any app-cabs, there are plenty of classic yellow cabs standing and roaming around in the city. If you want a higher class taxi with exact meter bill, you can call I use them when coming in from the airport (their office is near the exit), because prepaid taxis tend to not drop me at the exact location of my preferred guesthouse, as this is in the Chowringhee/Park Street area, where traffic direction changes according to time of the day. For a cab with a metered bill printed out this is not a problem, as it adds to the final bill, while prepaids essentially lose money by having to drive around a one-way section, and therefore like to drop one somewhere "near" the actual destination.

During the day, avoiding rush hour, the metro is fine to cover some distance.
For simplicity sakes the app are great - no need to negotiate and no need to wonder if they are charging too much - most app cabs charge extremely reasonable prices compared to any hailed cab or rickshaw from my experience (which is only from other cities in India not Kolkata). They also tend to be better drivers (not great, bit not crazy like again some rickshaw cowboys)

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