Fairwell Kolkata
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Fairwell Kolkata

The last time I was in Kolkata it was Diwali, this visit it  was Holi and what fun it was.

Last day today, Friday and looking forward to getting home. 

It's been another interesting time in Kolkata, this time an auspicious visit with the dispersing of my Father's and Brother's ashes in Kolkata. 

My brother and I have enjoyed our time here and who knows when either of us will return. I'll put together a journal in the coming weeks.

Thanks Kolkata it's been a blast.

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I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the journey vicariously. Thanks for the experience. 

And I'm looking forward to the write up. 

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Very much like a Paul Klee painting.
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Fairwell Kolkata

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Wah. Fantastic.
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Fairwell Kolkata

Happy trails, Vandy and Bro. It was good to meet you both and I hope you pass this way again.
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Thanks Nick, it's been an interesting trip and I'm now exhausted and looking forward to getting home to my family.

This trip has been the longest of my trips to India in recent times. Definitely not getting any easier with age catching up, mind you we did cover a fair amount of ground. 

Thanks again for the catch up.

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