Contemporary Art in Kolkata
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Contemporary Art in Kolkata

Can anyone recommend me a good museum/gallery in Kolkata that displays a comprehensive overview of contemporary (20th century) art from across India?

I’m flying into Kolkata on 16th December and only there for 3 days before heading south. In this time I’m hoping to get to a good (albeit brief) introduction to Indian modern art.

Much appreciated!

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The BIRLA art gallery in Kolkata perhaps:
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You can visit Academy of Fine Arts near Nandan or CIMA Art Gallery ...

Try this website : ... you'll get lot of informations about Modern Arts in Kolkata .. :)
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Thank you Theyyamdancer and Suvadeep! Those places all look like they might have what I’m after.
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For Contemporary Art I would definitely recommend these three places:
Bose Pacia http://
Galerie 88
My husband is an artist and we always try to hit the art galleries while in India. Art galleries seem to be mushrooming everywhere in India (even Kolkata) these days. The three I mentioned above have really high standards (Bose Pacia is an established gallery in New York City)

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