Ashrams in Kolkata for Staying?
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Ashrams in Kolkata for Staying?

Hello everyone

Apart from BHARAT SEVASHRAM SANGHA, are there any other (CLEAN) ashrams at Kolkata where we can stay for 3 to 4 days? I am not looking for completely free accommodation. I can pay up to 300 or 400 per day.

Kindly help

Thanks in advance

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Reason of staying in Ashrams instead of a hotel is not clear.

However please check this link -
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Thanks for your response

I am looking for cheap accommodation at Kolkata for 3 person which includes my 60 years old mother. I checked youth hostel kolkata, but they only allow 2 person in one room, so I will have to book 2 rooms which will cost 1200 per day

We have stayed in Bharat Seva Ashram, Ballygunge in the past, but they always allot rooms on 3rd/4th floor which becomes huge issue for my mother as she has to climb lots of stairs.

If you have some cheap but good hotel recommendation then please tell me. Also I would like to know more ashrams if there's any, for staying purpose at Kolkata Thanks

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Then, it's 600 per room per night for a d/b or 1200 for a triple bed room , right ?

When are you coming ?

I think a few hotels are there in Mirza Ghalib Street ( free school Street ) / Marques Street area that may fit your budget .
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thanks a lot for your help.

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