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james dana Nov 11th, 2017 04:01

A little help finding old friend in Calcutta Sudder st area
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I'm trying to locate an old friend who sells jewelry from a modified rickshaw, usually at the beginning of Sudder st. He is paralysed from polio, has a nice converted to handcrank rickshaw type vehicle. I am thinking of moving back to Calcutta in a few months, after being gone 5 years and would like to contact him as he has been a good help to me in finding anything I need...and of course I've forgotten his name...if someone sees him to just let me know he is still there and well...and maybe I could send some money to help him and his famliy if you are comfortable with this.

Greetins and Saludos from southern New Mexico

James Dana

skids ghost Nov 11th, 2017 23:27

Hey James,

Welcome to IM.

Well I can't speak to Sudder St. I can say that I tracked down an old friend else where by asking a local shopkeeper. After finding a whole new building where the old place used to be. Turns out they had only shifted over a couple of houses.

If your friend isn't where you left him, chances are someone who has run a shop or worked there long term may know why he isn't there anymore or where he has gotten off to. Its just a matter of tapping in to the web of local social relations.

james dana Nov 12th, 2017 03:38

Right you are...i think I can find him through the Hotel Galaxy now that you mentioned that.
But still if anyone sees him a contact would be great !

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