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It is obvious you do not enjoy Kolkata! I feel sorry for you.
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TD, you wouldnt be enjoying Kolkata right now. We are in the middle of a horrible heat wave :p

The OP has bangladeshi friends... so they are not going to be able to meet their friends in kolkata :)

I agree with capt Mahajan's reasons for skipping kolkata on this trip. I know lots of negatives(and positives) about kolkata but that doesnot have anything to do with my reasons.
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Excellent reply, Nayan. But still I take violent exception to the statement made earlier that there is "nothing to see in Kolkata". It is just not true!

OK, I will swap our cold and thunderstorms for your heat and humidity. Is it a deal?;)
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There are lots of things to see in Kolkata if you are so inclined :)

I will take thunderstorms any day over a heat wave(and power cuts).
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Off Topic, with apologies to the Original Poster

Nayan, I will raise you three General Strikes per week, rubbish collectors' strikes, taxi strikes, public transport strikes, journalist strikes, against one heatwave.

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Ridiculous comment!

Originally posted by: nycank View Post

Kolkatta for Honeymoon :confused: Even kolkattans run away from the city for their honeymoon ;)

This is probably one of the most illogical statement that I have across in the website so far. :D
It neither has any merit solely on what it states in general, neither does it sounds anything meaningful in context of the thread starters situation. :rolleyes:

It's better if posters justify with valid reasons or refrain from making such controversial statements, otherwise it just brings out the posters ignorance, and nothing else! :)
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Originally posted by: theyyamdancer View Post

It is obvious you do not enjoy Kolkata! I feel sorry for you.

Hey no need to feel sorry. I have my favorite places in India too. If we all had similar tastes, we would all be touring the same places.

I just don't happen to see the appeal in an overcrowded, hot and polluted place like Kolkata when it comes to a vacation. Perhaps, that's the reason why I retreat to the country side and the mountains when its time for a vacation every year to get away from it all.
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I lived in Kolkata for 8 months and I enjoyed it thoroughly...however it is important to note I am also very urban. I attended film festivals, book fairs, rock concerts, museums, historic temples, sampled street food (esp rolls!), meals in five star hotels and most everything in between. Crossed my favorite bridge in the world numerous times (Howrah) soaking in the brilliant, dynamic 360 view around me.

Since it is your honeymoon, if you wish to splurge I recommend staying a few nights at the Park Hotel - very chic place indeed..and have dinner 1 block away at the Peter Cat restaurant (order the Chelo Kababs!). You may also consider spending a few nights at the Broadway Hotel for a more homey atmosphere and feel.
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One more reason I don't recommend Kolkata on a honeymoon- the women there are very distracting.
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Originally posted by: sbelleo View Post

I'm heading to India for my honeymoon in Dec. We're into Delhi with a Raj circle then Varanasi, Kolkata, Sundarbans, Mysore, Kerala...

Man originally really wanted to go to Kolkata (we know a lot of Bangladeshis) and I to Sundarbans. We're now looking and feeling like the one month we have is not enough to squeeze it all in.


Kolkata or cut it? (Perhaps the wrong forum to post in).
If we cut we'd likely add Ranthambore to the Raj circuit.



As you can sense from the spectrum of responses, the right answer to your question depends heavily on the kind of experiences you are seeking in your honeymoon trip. Kolkata is different from Varansi, both of which are orthogonal to Kerala. Kolkata is a wonderful city with a unique food culture, an unparalleled colonial history and can act as a jumping-off point for areas of great natural beauty (Darjeeling/Sundarbans). It can also come across as supremely polluted, dirty and seedy. Maybe you want to experience that rawness as a couple, or maybe you don't.

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Originally posted by: asishdas View Post

I am really clueless what does that mean? Does it mean that Kolkata is such a bad place that Kolkata guys ran away from their home city, Kolkata, to celebrate their honeymoon elsewhere? I have past my honeymoon days long back, but I think people tend to visit some unknown exotic place to celebrate their honeymoon absolutely for a different reason and that has nothing to do with the quality of place! The initiator of this thread, sbelleo is coming from NYC to India for a month-long honeymoon trip. Does it imply that the couple is running away from their home city or for that matter, NYC is inferior place than India? I think this kind of value judgement of place, people is very unfortunate and that it is against the spirit of IM.

How do you deduce that Kolkatta is a bad place ? or for that matter NYC ? I live in NYC, I do not do an R&R in NYC, I go someplace outside the city :) As to Kolkattans ? My childhood friends from CAL (as it was called in my time :) ) all took their notun bou's to places outside Kolkatta for their "honeymoon", depending on their budget and/or vacation time :)

Parisians come to NYC for honeymoon, NooYorkas go to Paris for honeymoon - Nothing wrong with either city :D
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Wow! Didn't realize I was going to spark suck a lively discussion! Thanks all who have interjected their thoughts, opinions, jokes... Wish there was the same energy on my parks post ;)

We're now considering nixing Kolkata/ Sundarbans and adding Khajuraho and Bangathore (sp?) (keeping Varanasi).

Also, btw, our friends are Bangladeshi,but live in NYC, so yes, we wouldn't see them in Kolkata (and bc if they were home they'd be in Bangladesh!). Kolkata was more our way to have a taste of their home.

There's too much to see! We can't decide!
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Originally posted by: sbelleo View Post

Also, btw, our friends are Bangladeshi,but live in NYC,

You missed the NYC meetup :D
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Originally posted by: asishdas View Post

Really, you live in Kolkata??!! Despite its "harsh climate", "excessive pollution"??!! There must be something in this city which holds you back even in such a horrible condition! That's very interesting!! But Kolkata and beaches...?? does'nt sound very convincing.

I stay outside of Kolkata and miss it too much and so much that I am desperate to come back - just waiting for the right time and opportunity.

Originally posted by: madascene View Post

The only thing holding me back is that I am student and I have no choice but to wait till I complete graduation. But that's not the point really. There is a difference between someone staying in a certain city to lead daily life and recommending it to others for a vacation. Just because a place is livable doesn't mean its also the best place for a week's vacation.

Man, when you are in Kolkata you may hate it but when you are outside you will definitely miss it. Such charm it has.
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