What's it really like living in Kerala?

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My other half and I (in our early 30s) are thinking of moving to Kerala. My father is Indian and has friends in Kerala, so we'd have some support when we got there from them, if it was needed. I wonder how easy it is to live there, what is the quality of life really like, how widely is English spoken, is it possible to find work (I am a Senior Manager in the Public Sector in the UK, and both of us are CELTA qualified English teachers)? Is it best to find work before we go out, or to get there and wing it (our savings should keep us going quite comfortably for some time)?

Your thoughts would be most welcome...

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What a super question - I really do hope you get lots of replies..

We (The wife and I) would love to move over to kerala - my wife a qualified gardener myself a senior manager in a five star hotel - both in the UK...

I'm not sure my wife's skills are transferable but I'm sure I could offer something..

I'll watch this thread eagerly.

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First Up - M&Bs question - Living in Kerala is not a bed of roses. The state has good social development but nothing much else. You will find that the place (except Cochin, Trivandrum, Calicut and a few other towns) are caught in a time warp, stuck somewhere in the late 80s to 90s. The work culture, the infrastructure all are typical early 90s. The credo for providing basic services is to bring everyone down to a common minimum. An Ayn Randisque kind of extreme socialism, one can say.
It is also extremly difficult to work especially in Middle management position, with the management targets and socialism pulling you in opposite directions. Kerala may look prosperous, but it is only because of the massive remittances from people living abroad. (22% of the State's GDP).
Well it looks as if the discussion is going into economics and politics, but then both of you asked for what it is like to WORK there, not just LIVE there.

Ok now back to main questions - Yes you both should be able to find decent teaching jobs in schools (but at low salary levels - Rs. 10-15000 max).

Winger may be able to find higher paying job in one of the resorts.

It is better to find jobs and then move, the general situation being what it is. But before that, come here on an extended holiday and see if you can wing it out. Then decide on something permanent.

(Disclosure - Am a Keralite living outside Kerala but hoping to go back after I retire. Standard prejudices may apply )
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I agree with Dipydoo - why not come out for an extended holiday - say 3 months to look at possible jobs, accommodation, location etc. Also you will see what the weather is like and whether it will be suitable for you We live in Kochi for 3 months each year away from the tourist areas and it is completely different than staying in a hotel where you are fed and watered. We do not have much of a problem with language as many speak English - only problem is the people knocking on our door trying to sell us something we don't want and trying to explain we do not speak Malayalam (which I find impossible to understand!). Dipydoo is right in that it is not all a bed of roses and the Communist State isn't ideal except when it comes to education but we enjoy it and there are some beautiful places to visit and the people are generally very kind and helpful.
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Living/Working in Kerala

I am a stock/asset investor interested in moving to either Goa or Kerala for part of the year and hiring individuals to work for me evaluating companies world wide that either I or my son would purchase in our own accounts. The individuals would need just the basic of educations as either I or my son would train them in the process of evaluations and writing basic reports. They would work mostly as a group(think tank) or independently from computer(s) provided. My son also wants to open an engineering(invention) company to engineer new products or re-engineer old products in a think tank group atmosphere. Both businesses would operate year round although we may be there only 6 months out of the year. Which state Kerala or Goa and town(city) would be the best as far as people to hire with the one requirement that it needs to be close to the ocean. Thank you.

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