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Yep - private car hire isn't cheap! We had our hotel in Kalpetta find us a car to Kozhikode and I can confirm that the price was in 1000/- to 1200/- range. Quite expensive really but on the other hand it did save us a lot of mucking about having to travel to another town to book a bus out of Kalpetta.
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Any suggestions of cab rates would be of great help. I am arranging for everything for Wayand (resort accomodation, food, sightseeing places etc...) based from Mumbai but just leaving the cab part.
Total distance of 130km at Rs 7 per km for a small vehicle is a reasonable target price. Big vehicle is around Rs 9-10 per km.
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hotels can arrange you the cabs of minimum rates....so u please contact them for the cabs also....

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