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pmvelu Nov 29th, 2016 08:39

Panayeli Poru - Off the beaten track From Kochi (Kerala)
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During our recent trip to Kochi, We thought of trying out something new and hence visited "Panayeli Poru" and it turned to be a very good and nice experience and hence thought of sharing the related information which might help future travellers.

What is there ?:

Mighty "Periyar" river with picturesque Surroundings (Dense Forests)

To Do :

1) Enjoy the Mild Trek/Walk of 1 to 1.5 kms in a nicely paved walking track with last 500 metres just on the river side in a rugged terrain
2) Enjoy the picturesque View of Forest/ Fiery River
3) TAKE BATH (yes you can take bath here and you have Forest dept guides who will guide to places in this river where we can bath) - This is Seasonal as In October itself the water is much more than the other rivers with thunderous sound But forest dept personnel guided us to a place where my kids had a nice bath close to 2 hours.
4) Check before you proceed in Monsoons.
5) We were chatting with the forest dept personnel and we were told, If We come in Jan/Feb, the water will be very very less and we can cross the river to the other side of the forest where we can view Waterfalls.

Location / Accessibility /General Info:-

1) Around 60 kms from Kochi . Nearest railway station is Angamaly (30 kms). Cochin International Airport is 30 Kms Away.
2) A Walk of 1 to 1.5 km is needed in a very pleasant and dense forest environment
3) Forest dept guides present every 500 metres and hence Safe &Secure . They are very highly motivated individuals and is extremely helpful. Actually we sat down at a place for close to 30 minutes as the pathway ended with signboards " Chances of Drowning/ Don't get into River highly dangerous " and were wondering "where is the Bathing place" as no one around. After some time , One forest dept person proactively approached us , Enquired whether we want to have bath and when we said "Yes' , She guided/ Walked with us in the rugged terrain (unmarked path close to the river) and handed us over to the next set of Forest dept folks who showed us the safe points to bath) . We Thanked them enough for their Service.
4) Very well maintained pathway with interesting information on "Periyar river" and "Saving ecosystem".
5) Nothing Available in this location and hence pack everything from Kochi / Angamaly as the case may be. We tried out Food in a village 2 kms before this point and it was good (A small eatery) and here you can get basics (Water / Banana etc)
6) This place is Majorly visited "only" by nearby folks and hence 100% NON TOURISTY and very very less crowded.
7) Eatables allowed only till Car parking area and they are very strict about it . We have seen Forest folks checking the bags of "all male" groups(In the entrance)
8) If you want to make this as a Full Day trip from Kochi , Kochi-Kalady(Adi Sankara birth place)-Panayeli Poru-Athirapally Waterfalls- Kochi would be an idea ( Bit more Rushing but would work out for folks who want "max" out of "min" time). We did Kochi-Panayeli poru-Cherai beach-Kochi as a 1 day trip.

If you need more info, Please Post.


vaibhav_arora Nov 29th, 2016 11:58

Great place. Good to see you back. And as usual you've visited an offbeat wilderness area. :)

pmvelu Nov 29th, 2016 13:25

Thanks for your comments Vaibhav !! . After "trip to srirangam" I just read one or Two of your travelogues and lots to catch up with :D


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