Off the beaten track in Kerala
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Off the beaten track in Kerala

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You can read it in its entirety here: Off the beaten track in Kerala

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Wow bosquef, awesome and very useful thread. I've a feeling this thread will be a 'sticky'.

5 stars from me.

Good luck with the phd.
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Undoubtedly, this is one of the best threads I have enjoyed reading. I have no hesitation in saying that your phd will bear the style of writing of this thread.
Best wishes,

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Kerala I'm coming...

Hi bosquef,

thanks for this impressing report. I'm going to Kerala in August and now I'm even more excited to explore this area... I will stay there for about one year and I hope I will also have such amazing experiences as you had.
Unfortunately you won't be there anymore when I come. Would have been interesting to get to know you and to travel around together.

Anyways, I guess you will come again sooner or later...?
Just tell me, I'll be there till next year..

Good luck for your thesis!

Bye, bye!
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Excellent account bosquef. We spent 4 months in Ernakulam December to April and travelled around some of the places you mentioned. Your account is so accurate and makes me long for when we return in November. Thanks for the memories.
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Excellent post :)

Have to say that I was reading it with a question that has been in my mind for some years now: I want to live in Kerala; but where?

I haven't really been off the tourist path, but for reasons both social and economic it would not be my first choice for a home. Your description of Kodungalloor sounds most interesting. It would be good to live within reach of a major town or city. I'd want the house to be reachable by boat as well as by car.

Eagerly awaiting your next instalment :)
Life gets aadhar every day.
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i would like to point out something:
This kind of seating arrangement is in private buses. The fact is that, it is the door of the bus which determines who sits at the front and who at the rear. Women will be sitting at the portion of the bus which is close to door. Which means that they will be given seats at front portion in private buses(They have 2 doors. 1 at front and 1 at rear) and rear portion in govt owned buses(It has door only at rear side).
So before finding a cumfortable place remember 3 things,
1. Women can sit anywhere in the bus.
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Bloody hell [shock] Words fail me [Blush] You wrote this just for IM, or go around being a saint as matter of course? :D

Originally posted by: steven_ber View Post

I've a feeling this thread will be a 'sticky'.

You betcha.
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Grea post, 5 stars, an you put it in the Community section?

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Wow!!!! great post...

Good luck with ur Phd
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Really good post... Kerala is an amazing place with nice people, it is really worth discovering!!!
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It is great

Glad to read that


Come to kerala

Not to stay
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Excellent Bosquef!

Your write up created a nostalgia in my mind ;) I'm basically from Palakkad (Palghat) near Thrissur. What I loved the most is about your description of 'Thiruvilwamala'. Its really true as you've described 'to be one of the most beautiful places to stay I've seen in all of India'. I've my sister there and I often visit them whenever I'm in India. Going to that Rama Temple gives such a peace of mind that we'll forget everything once you are there!!

Hats off for that description! Goodluck for your Phd.


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Great write-up, bosquef! Your attention to detail is amazing. All the best for your phd!

And also consider travel writing as an alternate career option! :)
miles to go....

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One of the most interesting posts on Indiamike. Also read your blog. Thanks.