Kumarakom houseboat logistics question
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Kumarakom houseboat logistics question

I would like to spend 24 hours on a houseboat and would also like to see Kumarakom. Considering the high cost of hotels in Kumarakom...does it make sense to rent a houseboat for 21 or 24 hours and just stop in Kumarakom for a few hours to take in the sights? And, would we start in Alleppey to do this or would we pick up a boat right in Kumarakom? These resorts are so very expensive but then I realzed that the houseboats ARE hotel rooms too....just not sure of where we could go in 24 hours and how easy it would be to sightsee in Kumarakom's must-see places from a houseboat. Thanks in advance. :) (Note: Our home-base will be Fort Cochin from Nov 26-Dec 1)

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