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bobnormal Jun 9th, 2011 07:21

First impressions of Trivandrum
Arrived yesterday afternoon. Seems like a great town!
  • "Like Chiang Mai without the tourists"
  • Curving tropical alleys stuffed with learned businesses: lawyers, medical practitioners, IT consultancies
  • So many great bookstores!

Staying in a Kukie's Holiday Inn for 220 rupees a night. It's not ultra clean but the environs are very quiet, there's almost nobody here, and the location is very central.

Gotta go find a place to unlock an iPhone or buy a new phone - anyone know where's best to do that about town?


royalrider Jun 9th, 2011 11:41

Hey Bobnormal

Welcome to Trivandrum, Kukis is a nice place, the watchman is a nice man. To buy new phone you can go to QRS at statue near to Raymonds . To unlock iphone you can go to Bhima Pali, its bit far from where you stay. But if you are going to Kovlam its no the way. Hope you find it.

royalrider Jun 9th, 2011 11:51

Hey try Scot technology its near by, YMR Jn Plammoodu Road.

graphicmist Jun 9th, 2011 12:13

Enjoy your stay in Trivandrum. The best thing about it is that people has still preserved it as the traditional city, this what i feel. While walking on the roads of TVM keep a look on the buses there, they drive like crazy, so stay safe.

bobnormal Jun 9th, 2011 17:22

Thanks for the tips guys.

I moved to a nicer hotel instead of fixing / buying a phone as it seems cheaper to do that for a day or two ... with the added benefit of a landline (ie: better connection for my telephone interview).

I'm spending 2800INR/night (+17.5% tax, hate that!) but have access to a private rooftop pool, CLEAN LINEN for the first time in ages, HOT SHOWER for the first time in ages, it's kind of like heaven! ('Classic Avenue' hotel, booked through


Not sure how I'll handle dropping back to 100-250INR/night range after this, though!

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