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Mysore to Cochin and Cochin to Goa: bus, train, taxi?

#1 Jan 4th, 2012, 22:32
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My boyfriend and I are visiting India for the first time on the 2nd Feb 2012, leaving on the 2nd March.

Our current plan is as follows:
2nd arrive Delhi 5.05am
3rd Delhi
4th Delhi- Agra 2.5hrs on train
5th Agra- Jaipur 4.5hrs on train
6th Jaipur
7th Jaipur 14.10- Mumbai 07.50am
8th Mumbai 23.05- Goa 10.45am
9th Goa
10th Goa
11th Goa
12th Goa 15.39- Bangalore 7.35am
13th Bangalore
14th Bangalore 11am- Mysore 1pm
15th Mysore
17th Cochin
18th Alleppey
19th Cochin
21st Goa
22nd Goa
23rd Goa 18.00- Mumbai 5.55am
24th Mumbai
25, 26, 27, 28, 1st RESERVE DAYS
2nd: Depart Mumbai airport 10am

Any suggestions for how best to travel form Mysore to Cochin?

Or how best to get from Cochin to Goa?

Is our plan feasible? 25th-1st we're keeping open as reserve days.

I noticed there is a carnival in Goa from 18th-21st, it would be nice to catch some of that but it would mean reworking our plan.

Theres also a festival in Kerala from 21st-27th we would like to try to see.

Thank you for reading such a long post.

Any advice would be massively appreciated!!
#2 Jan 4th, 2012, 23:03
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Have you booked any of your trains yet? You might find that some of them are already waitlisted (ie fully booked) In particular Agra-Jaipur and Mumbai-Goa can be booked up well in advance.

Are you bothered about which class of accommodation you travel in?

EDIT - As an example The train that you have listed for Mumbai - Goa is WL in all classes except Sleeper which is RAC. This can probably be sorted out if you haven't booked yet by looking at alternative trains.

I suspect (but don't know for certain) that Bus will be your best option for Mysore-Cochin. The train would involve going a very long way round with a not very well timed connection.

On 20th Feb there is availability on Train no 16346 from Ernakulam Junction (Main station in Kochi area) to Madgaon. For the 17th/18th it is waitlisted in 3AC and for 19th only has 4 berths left.
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#3 Jan 5th, 2012, 00:31
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Thanks Dave!

Where can I book the trains online? I haven't booked any yet, I hoped I would be able to book them a few days in advance once I had arrived. I didn't really want to book too many of them before I arrived so we had some flexibility.

We aren't really bothered about what class of train we travel in.

All advice is very much appreciated!
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Apologies for cut & paste but my typing is 2 fingered.

From outside India the best way to book with Indian Railways is through . There have been rumours that this site may stop being available so keep watching India Mike for news. To use Cleartrip you need a Mastercard or Visa Card with SecureCode or verified by Visa enhanced security.

You should let your card provider know that you are buying from an Indian site or you may find you are blocked.

All is not lost - there are plenty of people on IM to help. Sadly the chances of walking up and getting the trains you need belong in the past. You've obviously done your research as you are quoting the times of specific trains. You can go on Cleartrip, open an account for yourself and run through the trains you want without actually pressing the pay button. This will give you an idea of whether there are potential problems.
Probably 3AC is best for you to start with.

One final point. It looks like you will be in Mumbai for your catch up days. I haven't been (yet) but a lot of posts here suggest that it is expensive for accommodation.

PS Don't hesitate to come back with any other Qs.
Indian railways booking system has a daily shut down around midnight Indian time (approx 6pm to 8pm GMT) which will also affect Cleartrip
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