Mysore Dasara 2008 - Photo Feature
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Mysore Dasara 2008 - Photo Feature


Thought of sharing few Mysore - Dasara Week photos to you all ... By Placing the cursor on the photo, We Will get to know the place name.

Tomorrow I will be adding few photos of Mysore [ Night View from Chamundi Hills] !!...

General info for Dasara Visitors

1. For those of you who you are planning to visit Mysore for Dasara, Similar to photo1, there are several booths set near to Mysore Railway station / Sub-urb bus stand, And few other main points Where We could get all the tourism related info We need.

2.Karnatak Tourism [Permanent Office] is just 100 metres from Mysore Railway Station. Basically you need to come out of Railway Station, take left and within 100 metres you will see this

3.Special Volvo A/C Buses are operated from Mysore City Bus stand to KRS Dam / Chamundi Hills and this is the cheap , Best and comfortable option

4. Pre-Paid Auto Stands [Permanent ones] are in Mysore Railway Station and Sub-urb bus stand . You need to pay 2 Rs and tell the place name and you will be given the Rate ticket and once you reach the destination, you need to pay Just the fare indicated in the receipt . This is strictly Monitored by Traffic Police and this is hassle-free system for Mysore Visitors

5. From Mysore Railway Station,

Palace is just 3.0 kms [App. Auto Fare is 20 Rs]
City Bus stand is 2.5 kms [ App. Auto Fare is 15 Rs
Sub-Urb Bus stand is 2 kms [ App. Auto Fare is 14 Rs]
Devaraja urs road - {Shopping street / Downtown] - Next to City bus stand [App. Auto Fare is 14 Rs

Auto - Minimum Charge is 14 Rs and by Default Auto-Drivers will use Metres and even if they are not using it, If you tell they will oblige

6. Dasara Exhibition is just opposite to Mysore Palace Car Parking Area

And Any questions Or Queries on Mysore, Please post and Whatever info I know I will Share !

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What terrific information! I'll miss Dusshera, but will certainly keep the info about pre-paid autos and the other permsanent installations!
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Thanks for your comments WWU !....

Here is the Second Set of photos of Mysore Dasara Week.

1 .Today we went to "Wrestling Competition" which is held opposite to Mysore Palace "South Gate" Entrance [This is Adjacent to Dasara Exhibition ].. It's crowded by Mainly Villagers & Locals who travelled from in & Around Mysore who is in Full Enthusiasm !.. Free Entrance and it's interesting to see the competition and this is an "Open-Air Stadium" with Chamundi Hills Backdrop

2. Next We visited "Dasara Exhibition" and the entrace fees is 10 Rs and Quite a lot of Stalls , Eatable Shops, Stalls from Karnataka Government enterprises like "Nandini Milk" & Very interesting Stall from Reserve Bank of India where they showed "Forged Notes" and how to find out the difference etc and also in display older Indian Rupees like 10,000 Rs etc which are not in use now !

3. You could place the Cursor over the photo to see the place / Event name .

Tomorrow, I am planning to visit Chamundi Hills and try to take snaps of "Mysore Landmarks" from the hilltop and will post it for our Indiamike Members !!

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Mysore dasarah 2008

you can see more images of dasara 2008 at
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Nice pics Velu
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Originally posted by: snonymous View Post

Nice pics Velu

Thank you Snonymous.

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