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Start Date: Oct 5th, 2014
Last Update: Oct 5th, 2014
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Description: Roopkund Independent low budget trek Oct 2014

Roopkund Independent low budget trek Oct 2014
Date Posted: Oct 5th, 2014 at 19:17 - Comments (6)
Day 1 - 26th September - Pune to Delhi flight

The journey began on a very sour note. I had intense stomach pain.
I hadn't had food since afternoon.

Felt so much abdominal pain that I felt delusional.

Fortunately, problem auto-resolved after having food.

Forgot toiletries, cell charger and ear phones in Pune.

The flight landed on schedule and I took an auto to Anand Vihar Terminal.

Day 2 - 27th September - Delhi to Kathgodam and beyond

I reached way before boarding time, as a result of which I had to sleep on the floor in the waiting room, which wasn't as bad as my previous experiences with railway waiting rooms (mice and all).

I reached Kathgodam around 11:35 AM.

On reaching, I hired a cab (alto) to Almora.

The cabs go only as far as Almora even though I had to go further.

The driver was a very enthusiastic guy. Drives pretty much like I do in Pune.

The problem was, Garhwal is no Pune. There are ghats.

Puked all the way to Garud due to motion sickness.

I felt really weak and had fears creeping in my head. I could eat nothing on 27th.

I finally landed at a remote village called Garud and spent the night in a VERY shady looking room (it was cheap, 150 bucks)

Expenses :
Delhi auto to anvt 400
Tip to irctc 20
Haldwani to almora 250
Food 50+40+10+57
Almora to garud 150
Room at garud 150
Food at garud 60
Toiletries 90
Charger 80
Avomin 18

Total expenses this day : 1375

Day 3 - 28th September - Garud to Gwaldam to Tharali to Lohajung to Wan

Woke up to a chilly morning at Almora. Uttarakhand roadways bus from garud to gwaldam didn't come.

I travelled in multiple shared jeeps from Garud to Gwaldam to Dewal and then to Wan.

Thankfully, I didn't puke today. The drivers were not insane today.

On reaching Wan, fixed guide cum porter @ 660 per day including sleeping bag.

I hiked very little today, around 30 mins to a place called "Rankadhar", stayed in a small remote lodge there.

Jeep to Gwaldam - 50 bucks
Had tea - 7 bucks
Had breakfast at gwaldam 60 bucks
Galdam to tharali 50 bucks
Tharali to Dewal 30 bucks
Bought Sun screen at dewal 80
Dewal to Wan 100 bucks
Food at dewal 15 bucks
Food at wan 60

Total expense for today 432

Day 4 - 29th September - Wan (2520m) to Bedni Bugyal (3354m) :

I had a peaceful nights sleep but super chilly morning at Rankadhar.

Got freshened up, had tea, lots of tea.

I had the plan in my head to hike till Pathar Nachauni today. It seemed doable, though I had little idea of what doable meant at this altitude.

I had a very decent speed as per my guide.

We started trekking at 815 AM and reached Bedni Bugyal at 1145 AM.

3 hours 30 minutes was very decent for this amount of distance at this altitude.

The guide insisted we camp at Bedni since there would be problems finding huts in Pathar Nachauni that day.

I agreed.

Took lot of breaks on the way.
Steep incline with a level walk at the end.

Spent all day just wandering in the endless meadows of Bedni Bugyal

The next days plan was a bit spectacular.

Bedni to Pathar Nachauni to Roopkund to Pathar Nachauni.

I felt up for it.


Paid rankaghanti lodge 180 including dinner and breakfast

Total expenses : 180 bucks

Day 5 - 30th September - Bedni Bugyal (3354m) to Pathar Nachauni (3658m) to Bhagwabasa (4375m) to Roopkund (4844m) back to Pathar Nachauni (3658m)

The night before was really tough.
My sleeping bag was inadequate and some animal was shaking my tent.
I dreaded a bear.
It was a dog.

Had breakfast and left for pathar nachauni.
From pathar nachauni, left for kalu vinayak.
The climb was very steep and I had to take a lot of breaks.

I kept drinking water every time I stopped to take a breather.

Kalu vinayak to bhagwabasa was a stroll.

It had started snowing by the time I reached Kalu Vinayak.

Bhagwabasa was completely covered in snow and the temperature dipped pretty sharply.

From Bhagwabasa, Roopkund lake was 3 km.

I had just a couple of packets of biscuits and moved on for the final push.

It started snowing heavily.

I felt like I'm dying at one point.

It felt like I had made my final mistake. This happened when I was half a kilometer from the summit.

We all have those moments in life when we stop doing what we're doing and ask ourselves.. "Why exactly am I doing this?"

I had this moment there and I didn't have an answer.

I felt like I'm in some Hollywood flick where people get stranded in Alaska or Siberia.

There was nothing but snow for as far as I can see.

I had plenty of self doubt then.

I pulled myself forward with all my might, like never before.

Reached roopkund at 415pm
Descended to bhagwabasa by 5 pm
Reached pathar nachauni by 730 pm.

Every other trekker was surprised I did it.
Bedni to roopkund and back to pathar nachauni in a day.

Expenses :

Paid for food and tent at Bedni - 500 bucks

Day 6 - 1st October - Return to Bedni Bugyal - Rankadhar

I started descending to Bedni Bugyal at around 915.

Had plenty of selfie sessions and a stopover at Ghairoli Patal.

Descended to bedni bugyal had a cup of tea and then left for wan .

On the way, I had forgotten there is still considerable climb to come till Rankadhar.

On top of it all, it started raining cats and dogs. Got drenched and felt extremely cold.

Survived it, reached Rankadhar and took halt for the night.

The trek was over.

Expenses :

Paid 500 @ pathar nachauni for Tea, dinner and breakfast

Day 7 - 2nd October - Wan to Delhi

Descended down to wan by 8 am. Boarded shared jeep till Dewal.

Took multiple shared jeeps from there to Tharali bend to Karnaprayag to Rishikesh


Paid guide (2400 for 4 days) +lodging and food at rankadhar (250) + sleeping bag rent (200) = 2850 bucks
Paid jeep 150 for wan to tharali bend
Paid jeep 100 for tharali to karanprayag
Food at karanprayag 70
Jeep to rishikesh 330
Dinner at rishikesh 300
Bus to Delhi 700
Food at stop over at Muzaffarnagar 216

Total trek expense wan to wan = 3410

Guide details :

Mr. Surendra Singh Bisht
S/o Sri Mohan Singh Bisht

Village : Wan
Post : Wan
District : Chamoli
State : Uttarakhand

Mobile no :


Charges :
One person around 6~7 K
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